STIGA Titan Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets


Are you searching for a paddle that is best for amateurs in table tennis games?
Well, STIGA Titan might be the paddle you are looking for. STIGA Titan is completely lightweight as it uses extra light materials on the paddle to make it convenient and beginner-friendly.
It is comprised of 5 plies of ultra-lightweight balsa wood and the best technology available, STIGA’s Crystal Technology. The purpose of crystal technology is to harden the blade’s surface. As a result, this paddle generates a lot of speed, which is ideal for beginners.

Affordability is another factor that makes this paddle a good buy.
For sure, beginners wanted a paddle that is also light on the wallet because it will only be used for training purposes.
STIGA Titan is a low-cost option that does not compromise performance quality.
It has exceptional control, making it perfect for beginners since it allows easy control over the paddle and the ball.

One piece of advice we have for beginners is to avoid purchasing paddles that are too fast and tacky. It’s one of the most common mistakes novices make because those paddles are more complicated to practice with, slowing your progress.
The STIGA Titan is designed for performance-level table tennis games and is an excellent starter paddle for getting acquainted with the sport of table tennis.

The STIGA Titan’s handle is also incredibly comfortable and lightweight, making it easy to control.
It has a concave Italian composite handle that is both comfortable and lightweight.
Additionally, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has approved STIGA Titan. So, there will be no problems or issues with this paddle if used in tournaments.

STIGA Titan Review - Table Tennis Rackets

Speed Spin Control Blade Sponge ITTF Approved? Rubber Handle Our Rating
8/10 7.7/10 8.2/10 5-Ply 2.0 mm Yes Triumph Inverted Concave Italian Composite 7.9/10


  • Speed: 8 out of 10
  • Spin: 7.7 out of 10
  • Control: 8.2 out of 10
  • Blade – 5-Ply Extra Light with Balsa Technology
  • Sponge – 2mm 
  • ITTF Approved- This can be used in official tournaments
  • Rubber: Triumph inverted
  • Handle: Concave Italian composite with WRB system
  • Price- Very Affordable

STIGA Titan: The Review On Its Features

STIGA Titan Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets


The STIGA Titan table tennis paddle has a speed rating of 8 out of 10.
It also has a spin rating of 7.7 out of 10 and a control rating of 8.2 out of 10. This paddle is pretty versatile because it can be employed in both offensive and defensive play.

It generates a good amount of spin and speed for attacking players.
STIGA Titan also provides solid control for a great defense.
Its versatility and well-balanced design allow everyone to adapt and apply their own playing techniques to it.

STIGA employs a variety of technologies, including weight balance for the quality of performance in the Titan paddle.
It is carefully adjusted using weight balance technology to move the paddle’s balance to the point of contact with the ball.
It helps to increase the speed of the ball while also giving the player more control over the ball.
This technology has excellent weight management, allowing players to play comfortably and effectively throughout the game.

Balsa technology and Crystal technology are two other essential technologies that contribute to the overall performance of this paddle.
Balsa is a STIGA technology that features an ultralightweight balsa wood technology.
The function of balsa is to help players increase their speed and reaction time, which is particularly useful for improving their gameplay. The process of hardening the blade’s surface is known as crystal technology.
It is one of the strategies used by STIGA to create innovative ping pong paddles that are lightweight while also increasing the paddle’s speed.


The ITTF has authorized the use of rubber on the STIGA Titan paddle, which is a positive indication that this racket can be safely used in competitions or tournaments.
Titan’s rubber is a Triumph inverted rubber that is ITTF approved and helps to generate decent spin.
It may not be the best rubber when compared to other paddles.
But, what makes it stand out among them is that it provides a sufficient amount of control appropriate for beginners.
If you are a novice aiming to advance to the next level, the STIGA Titan is an efficient paddle that will help you train and improve your skills.


The STIGA Titan blade is crafted with a 5-ply extremely light Balsa Technology.
It has a 2mm inverted rubber sponge attached to itself to increase the efficiency of the paddle.
The excellent and quality composition of the STIGA Titan’s blade contributes significantly to the amount of speed and spin generated by this paddle.
The STIGA Titan paddle is an excellent paddle with unique technology that provides beneficial speed and spin for successful game performance.


The STIGA Titan has a concave Italian composite handle that provides a very comfortable grip and helps to avoid straining the player’s hand. It provides the necessary grip to operate the paddle without putting undue strain on you.
In comparison to the STIGA Pro Carbon, which is made of metal rod, the handle of this other STIGA paddle is very lightweight, making it easier for beginners to hold.

STIGA Titan Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets

The Upsides and Downsides of STIGA Titan

Not every paddle is perfect; there are always various advantages and disadvantages.
However, to avoid unwanted consequences and poor quality performance, the advantages must outweigh the drawbacks. Now, we’ll go through the pros and cons of the STIGA Titan that we’ve experienced.



  • High-end technology was employed
  • Has and excellent design
  • Gives a lot of control
  • Provides Decent spin
  • Very Affordable
  • Approved by ITTF
  • Professional Looking
  • Can be used in any competition
  • Made of High Quality Materials
  • Paddle case is not provided
  • Speed is not that high
  • Not that suitable for offensive players


The STIGA Titan is the best beginner paddle that is also pretty easy to use.
When compared to other paddles, it is incredibly inexpensive without sacrificing quality.
It provides a variety of benefits for players, with high-end technology used to provide good control and a decent amount of spin, making it perfect for novices.
The best part of this paddle is that its rubber is ITTF-approved which means it can be used in tournaments.

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