STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets


STIGA Pro Carbon is a powerful table tennis paddle made by one of Sweden’s most well-known companies. It has been a perfect paddle option ever since its production since it offers numerous advantages for players, especially those participating in competitions.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review - Table Tennis Rackets

I bet you are trying to find a perfect table tennis paddle to use either for a sports activity or a tournament. You might consider purchasing your own STIGA Pro Carbon to take your game to the next level and beat your opponents. It is a powerful racket with the biggest strength and insane speed, perfect for an offensive play.

Speed Spin Control Blade Rubber Sponge ITTF Approved? Our Rating
9.9/10 10/10 8/10 7 Ply STIGA S5 2.00 mm Yes 9.2/10


  • Speed: 99
  • Spin: 100
  • Control: 80
  • Blade: 7 Ply  Extra Light
  • Rubber: STIGA S5
  • Sponge: 2.0mm sponge
  • ITTF Approved

About the Manufacturer

STIGA is a well-known company that manufactures various table tennis equipment all over the world. It is one of the world’s leading table tennis brands. Since 1944, this company has been producing table tennis-related products. They have never failed to meet or exceed their customers’ expectations or standards, and they continue to operate and manufacture high-quality table tennis-related products to this day.

This company is residing in Sweden, but its customers are not limited to Swedes. When you buy from STIGA’s official website, you do not have to worry about your location because it offers worldwide shipping. One of the most popular and best-selling paddles made by STIGA is the Pro Carbon, which has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review - Table Tennis Rackets

STIGA Pro Carbon: Overview


The STIGA Pro Carbon has a 5+2 play blade composed of five layers of wood and two layers of carbon fiber. The advantage is that it gives the Pro Carbon a lot of power during the game. It also keeps it from becoming too heavy in the player’s hand, which could affect performance.


STIGA created this ITTF-approved STAR 5 rubber for competition-level players. STIGA uses various advanced technologies, such as Nano Composite and ACS Technology, to give the rubber an extra elasticity. It also makes Pro Carbon extremely lightweight, making it suitable for experienced players. The bonds between the rubber fibers are also high in strength, resulting in an extra microscopic air pocket that gives you more control during the game.


There is also a special feature that improves the speed, which is the sponge of STIGA Pro Carbon. It has a thickness of approximately 2.00 mm that enhances the power of the paddle.

Sweet Spot

The STIGA Pro Carbon’s touch carbon technology creates a much larger sweet spot on the paddle than other paddles on the market. The sweet spot on the paddle allows for a cleaner hit. This is because when you hit the ball within the paddle’s sweet spot, it will give you greater speed and spin. Therefore, the larger the sweet spot, the faster you can take a hit and score in the game.


The metal rod on the handle of the STIGA Pro Carbon contributes to the weight of the paddle. Even though it makes the Pro Carbon quite heavy, this serves a purpose in making you play the game better, including a better grip and a faster hit due to the balanced blade and more mass to strike the ball. It also has a concave handle for a comfortable grip.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review - Table Tennis Rackets

The Pros

STIGA Pro Carbon will not let you down with its exceptional speed, whether you want to smash that ping pong ball and trick your opponent with its insane speed. If you are a pro table tennis player, you will undoubtedly enjoy this racket since it’s not only powerful in terms of speed, but also gives you a pretty decent spin.

You can hit a lot of game-winning forehand loops with the Pro Carbon STIGA STAR5 rubber. Using this paddle will undoubtedly put your opponent in difficulty if you have enough experience and proper training. It is also ITTF-approved, so you can participate in official tournaments and compete against other players without any issues. Furthermore, the best thing about STIGA Pro Carbon is that it is very sustainable because you can always replace the rubber when it is damaged, eliminating the need to buy new ones.

The Cons

The only disadvantage of using this STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis paddle is that it is not suitable for beginners. You have to learn how to use it properly to provide better precision and spin during the game. It’s as if the paddle is only there to help you improve your game, and it is your responsibility to learn how to use it properly. It is not easy to control, but with enough practice, you will be able to take advantage of the power that this paddle provides.

The handle is reinforced with a metal rod, making it slightly heavier. You can’t enjoy the best of it without first learning how to handle it, especially if you are a beginner. It is used mostly by pros, but if you’re training to be the next pro, it is not a problem if you have trouble with it at first.

Other players who have purchased the STIGA Pro Carbon have also expressed dissatisfaction with the packaging. The bag is not as exclusive as advertised because the plastic packaging presses against the very tip of the rubber. Although the bag does not affect the performance of the paddle, some players give it a low rating. However, it is not a major issue. You can always buy a new paddle bag to replace your old one. What matters most is the quality and power it can provide you with during the game.

STIGA Pro Carbon










The STIGA Pro Carbon is undeniably one of the best table tennis paddles we have tried, and it is amazing how this paddle makes our game so much easier with all of that spin and speed. It significantly improves your game performance, putting your opponents at a disadvantage.

If you have been playing table tennis and you want to step up the game to the highest level, you might probably consider upgrading your current table tennis paddle with STIGA Pro Carbon. It is a must-have table tennis table because of its excellent construction and high quality. 

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