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You are probably looking for a decent paddle that does not cost you a lot of money. STIGA Apex is what you are looking for. The STIGA Apex table tennis paddle is a perfect alternative for expensive paddles which does not compromise the quality. It is good enough for beginners or intermediate players who are planning to spend time on recreational activities such as table tennis games. The fact that the STIGA Apex is an ITTF-approved table tennis racket makes it a good buy.

It is the ultimate paddle for amateurs since it has a good balance of speed and spin. So, considering the price of it, this STIGA Apex table tennis paddle is definitely beginner-friendly. In this article, we will go over the STIGA Apex paddle, including its advantages and disadvantages.

STIGA Apex Review - Table Tennis Rackets








Speed Spin Control Weight Handle Sponge Blade Our Rating
6.5/10 5.2/10 8/10 149g Concave Italian Composite  2.0mm 5-ply  7/10


  • 5-ply Extra Light Blade
  • 2.0mm Sponge
  • Concave Italian Composite Handle with WRB System
  • Speed: 65 out of 100
  • Spin: 52 out of 100
  • Control: 80 out of 100
  • Weight: 149g
  • Very Affordable Price

The Construction


The paddle is made of 5-ply Extra Light plywood that uses advanced technology such as an innovative Balsa Technology to create for the blade. Since the blade is lightweight, this paddle is excellent for new players who are not yet accustomed to using heavier table tennis paddles. It increases the speed with which you return shots and creates spin. The best part is that it is the cheapest ITTF-approved product on the market, demonstrating that the quality is not compromised despite the low price. Therefore, you can use it in tournaments.


Two inverted rubbers made with ACS Technology are attached to both sides of the STIGA Apex paddle: one black and one red. Its rubber contributes to the quality of performance that the paddle can provide. The sponge contributes to the rubber’s thickness. The sponge in the STIGA Apex is approximately 2 mm thick, with a strong edge supporting its rubber surface. This paddle is designed to be easy to control and powerful, making it good enough for offensive play.


The STIGA Apex handle is surprisingly comfortable, as it provides a firm grip on the handle. It is made of a concave Italian composite handle with an anatomic grip and is built with the WRD system, which stands for Weight Balance (W), Rate of Recovery (R), and Ball Sensitivity (S). When purchasing a paddle, a player must consider the weight. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this paddle, especially if you intend to give it to children or new players. A lightweight paddle is preferable for them so that they can practice controlling one and become accustomed to it before moving on to heavier ones.

STIGA Apex Review - Table Tennis Rackets











The Review

Among the table tennis rackets manufactured by STIGA, STIGA Apex is the cheapest racket which means it has the lowest offering in terms of its performance. So, you have to set your expectations lower than usual, especially that you choose something inexpensive. Although it’s the lowest one among the STIGA series, this still has the power for you to win the game.


The speed of STIGA Apex is not that high since the paddle focuses more on recreational table tennis players. With these rackets, you can’t expect insane speed, so your chances of landing a powerful hit are slim. The average speed rating of this paddle is 3 out of 5. Although the speed is quite low, as a new player, this is an excellent starting racket with which to train and compete against skilled and experienced players.


This table tennis paddle’s spin is also very poor, with a rating of 2 out of 5. Unlike the more expensive paddle, this one does not generate many spins, and it can be difficult to make a spin at times.  This is why this table tennis paddle is ideal for beginners. This paddle is easier to control since it does not impart many spins, which may be difficult for beginners to control. When the paddle creates lower spins, it is easier for you to play the table tennis game.  However, if you want to progress from beginner to advanced level and learn new skills and shots, this paddle will not help you because of its limited number of spins.


The control of the STIGA Apex is not quite good compared to the more expensive paddle in the STIGA series. You are paying for the price, so this version has a lower control rating. It is more suitable for recreation than competition-level games. However, when compared to other paddles in the same price range, this paddle provides more control. The control is adequate for players to improve their game performance, particularly at the entry-level.


The STIGA Apex table tennis paddle has a decent bounce, which helps you play better in-game. When compared to other paddles in the same price range, this paddle has a better bounce. It is worth every penny, especially if your goal is to learn how table tennis works, because it may be hard to learn the basics and improve if you use an advanced level of rackets. Always remember that starting small and improving is preferable to starting big and not progressing at all. Make one step forward then you will be better.

STIGA Apex Review - Table Tennis Rackets


















The STIGA Apex table tennis paddle is a great recreational paddle with a competitive quality compared to other paddles in the same price range. It has a high enough control rating to allow the player to hit the ball wherever they want. The low spin rating assists beginners in learning the fundamentals of table tennis and improving their skills or gameplay. Although you cannot really improve or learn new styles or strategies with this paddle, the good thing is that it is very inexpensive.

When you’re just getting started with table tennis, you only need a perfect beginner-friendly table tennis paddle such as the STIGA Apex. When you are ready to advance, there are more options in the STIGA series to choose from, such as the STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis paddle, which is best for aggressive or offensive play.

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