Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles Review – Table Tennis Rackets

Sports equipment can make or break a game. Just ask any serious athlete.
Swimmers nowadays are setting world records left and right by upgrading their swimwear to reduce drag. Basketball stars need the right kind of traction on their soles.
Archers use modern tech to hit the bullseye.

In table tennis, your game-changing weapon is your paddle.
If you don’t use the right racket for your preferred playing style and level of competition, you’re leaving way too many points on the table.

One of the top table tennis brands in the market is Sportcraft.
Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a decent player hoping to up your gameplay, or a pro looking for another top-notch racket to add to your arsenal, it’s easy to find Sportcraft ping pong paddles tailor-made for your needs.
In this review by Pingpong King, we’ll compare the strengths and features of several Sportcraft ping pong paddles to help you pick which one gives you the comfort and advantage you need to dominate the game.

The Brand in Focus

Sportcraft has been in the business of selling sports equipment since the 1920s.
It was founded by Walter Holdstein, a novelty salesman who wanted to bring traditional English games like croquet to the United States.

Walter opened his first General Sportcraft store in Madison Avenue, New York, in 1926.
He sold family-oriented games that could be played in anyone’s backyard.
He was also the one to introduce the concept of a sports section in department stores. Eventually, the focus shifted to indoor games like table tennis.
Sportcraft became a trusted brand in several countries for its quality and the range of equipment it has custom-designed for different levels of play. It is now under Oak Point Partners.

Sportcraft ping pong paddles cater to novices, hobbyists, and professionals, including extra small handles and plus-sized blade options.
All rackets come with a detailed explanation of features and are rated for spin, speed, and stability, so you know exactly what you’re getting every time.
Each paddle’s individual strengths are tallied to give you the final performance score.

Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles Review – Table Tennis Paddles

Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles: A Comparison

Sportcraft ping pong paddles range from beginner paddles to rackets designed for professional play. You can pick from the Classic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and even Titanium series, depending on your budget and ability.
Cheaper rackets are good enough for amateurs. Unless you’re competing at the regional level at least, it wouldn’t make sense to go for the most powerful racket right away.
You might not be able to control the ball so well, and you’re likely to get similar results with a cheaper paddle.

Classic Series

Before the brand redesigned its packaging, Sportcraft Ping pong paddles in the classic series ranged from novice to competition level. Some notable models include:

The classic hardbat with fun colors— that’s what these Sportcraft ping pong paddles are all about.
Instead of the typical red, black, or blue surface, the sides are violet and green.
Outward-facing pips taper down to a conic handle, bringing loads of stability but barely any spin.


Spin 1/10
Speed 4/10
Stability 7/10
Rating 4/10

These Sportcraft ping pong paddles are green on the front side and red at the back.
The green side has pips facing out, while the red side has pips pointed inward with a 1.5 mm sponge backing.
The handle is straight, with a perforated sponge grip to keep it from slipping.
It can be used for competitive play.

Spin 2/10
Speed 7/10
Stability 9/10
Rating 6/10

You can tell by the performance rating that these classic blue Sportcraft ping pong paddles with Japanese sponge rubbers are meant for recreational play.
They provide the stability that beginners need as they slowly learn different techniques. Each racket has a cone-shaped, light brown handle with two blue stripes running along the front and back.

Spin 3/10
Speed 2/10
Stability 7/10
Rating 4/10

With the highest quality of craftsmanship, these Sportcraft ping pong paddles were designed for champions.
3-star rubber pips approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) sets them apart for tournament use.
A red and gray concave handle made of laminated Canadian walnut allows for better grip.

Spin 5/10
Speed 6/10
Stability 7/10
Rating 6/10

Bronze Series

Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles in the bronze series are designed for recreational play.
While they’re good enough to beat your friends, they can’t give you the level of speed and spin you need to win a serious competition.

Reliant Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles have an overall performance rating of 48.
They come in red or blue, with a concave handle, pips facing out, and side tape to protect the blade.

Silver Series

Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles in the silver series are built for competitive play.


Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles Review - Table Tennis Paddles
The Sportcraft Contender

The Contender is the paddle of choice for amateurs since it’s inexpensive and gives you great value for its price. Each paddle is made of 5-ply laminate wood, with 2-star rubber inward-facing rubber pips. The handle is concave with stained wood inlays.
Both sides are red with tape protecting the edge of the blade.

The only issue is that the surface loses its tack in less than two months.
The best way to remedy that is to wrap the paddles in plastic wrap when they’re not in use.
That makes the tack last up to three months.
In time, you’ll notice the rubber surface start to peel off along the edges.

The padding is thin, so you won’t get much spin power.
They can be used either for recreational games or serious play, although once you start taking on higher-level opponents, it will be best for you to upgrade to Sportcraft ping pong paddles in the gold series.

Spin 21
Speed 18
Stability 25
Rating 64

If you’re after stability rather than speed, the Equalizer Sportcraft ping pong paddles are a great choice. These ones come with blue tape and concave handles.

Spin 12
Speed 18
Stability 30
Rating 60

These Sportcraft ping pong paddles are oversized.
Designed to give players a larger surface for hitting the ball, they come with a straight handle and protective side tape.
One side has pips facing in, while the other has pips facing outward.

Gold Series

Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles in the gold series are the ones you take to higher-level matches.
If you’re a professional, aim for a racket in this category.

Pro Spin

These Sportcraft ping pong paddles generate maximum topspin and are great for drop and stop backspin shots.
They come with a graphite-reinforced offset handle in a blend of gray and cream and 2-star inward-facing rubber pips on both sides.


Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles Review - Table Tennis Paddles
The Sportcraft Performance Excel

These black and red Sportcraft ping pong paddles are built for maximum performance.
They use a 1.8 mm sponge backing instead of the typical 1.5 mm used in other Sportcraft ping pong paddles to increase spin and speed.
4-star rubber pips give each paddle a longer shelf life. The handles are concave in shape and come with stained wood inlay.

Spin 27
Speed 24
Stability 30
Rating 81

Titanium Series

This is the series A-listers go for. A rating of nearly 100 makes them the paddle of choice when you’re up against the best of the best.

Extra Sensory Paddles (E.S.P.)

Sportcraft Ping Pong Paddles Review - Table Tennis Paddles
The Sportcraft E.S.P.

With the E.S.P. Sportcraft ping pong paddles, you get maximum speed and spin without sacrificing control. The 1.8 mm sponge backing, paired with 5-star rubber pips, amps up your spin, while the hollow core and extra short handle give you a better feel of the ball.
Once the ball hits the paddle, the impact is transferred to your hand, instantly letting you know just how much power you should use to send it back.
The handle is extra small, enabling better transfer of weight from your arm to the striking area for increased power.

Spin 27
Speed 24
Stability 30
Rating 93

Final Thoughts

With its wide selection of paddles for different playing styles and levels, Sportcraft is a reliable brand if you’re on a hunt for your next table tennis racket.
Beginners will love the bronze and silver series. They’re affordable and work well for anyone just starting out.
Paddles in the gold and titanium series cost over a hundred bucks, but they’re your best option for the highest level of play.
Regardless of your choice of brand, always remember: What you pay is what you get.

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