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EastPoint is a top-tier brand for table tennis equipment. With over 30 different models of ping pong tables from conversion tabletops to wheeled designs expressly built for the outdoors, you get a wide range to choose from.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing an EastPoint ping pong table with interlocking joints and special air pistons that let you easily lift and lower both sides to make setup and storage a breeze.
It’s the Penn Piston, a tournament-sized set that supports single-player mode and packs a bunch of features that keep it a cut above the rest.

Penn Piston EastPoint Ping Pong Table Review

Brand EastPoint
Model  1-1-33098
Length 108 inches
Width 60 inches
Height 30 inches
Thickness 18 mm

EastPoint Sports’ motto of “quality, innovation, value, and fun” comes into focus in this model.
The Penn Piston consists of two halves of a premium-quality tabletop attached to a powder-coated steel frame.
Interlocking joints keep all the movable parts in one undetachable set that can be wheeled in and out of the room and set up at your convenience.
The best part of this EastPoint ping pong table is the presence of air pistons designed to let you set it up without straining your back.

Sturdy Frame

Built to last for years, the Penn Piston gives you the advantage of powder-coated steel.

Powder-coated steel is steel coated with a dry finish made of particles of pigment and resin. This protects it from moisture and prevents rust, something to be wary of if you live in a place with a very humid climate.
The coating does not get scratched or flake off easily, unlike regular paint and other treatments. The color also lasts longer even without maintenance.

Sturdy double-wheel casters prop up the frame. They’re tough enough to support the weight and won’t break down from repeatedly wheeling the set around. The playing surface itself is designed not to chip or peel off easily, while providing optimal bounce.

The Penn Piston lacks the metal rim typical of less premium models that may curl up or rust along the edges. Instead, the sides of this EastPoint ping pong table are supported by over two inches of thickened wood.
You’ll never get a cut on your elbows with this table.

Penn Piston EastPoint Ping Pong Table Review - Ping Pong Table Review

Easy Setup

A lot of hobbyists with a ping pong set in their home leave it to collect dust in the cabinet. It’s often not because they can’t find someone to play against; rather, it’s just so inconvenient to keep having to assemble and take down a table, especially when your back hurts. The ones made of thick wood are especially heavy. 

Supports Playback

If you want to practice bouncing the ball on your own, you’d have to temporarily move your play area flush to the wall, which often means more lifting and pushing around of equipment.
That won’t be a problem with the Penn Piston. This EastPoint ping pong table is designed to let you lower one side while keeping the other locked in a vertical position so you can practice receiving with your forehand and backhand against a slick, friction-reduced playing surface.

Convenient Installation

The Penn Piston EastPoint ping pong table spares you all that hassle. No heavy lifting is needed; air pistons make the process easy. They help support the weight as you lift and lower the halves into place without straining your back.

Another great thing about this EastPoint ping pong table is that you won’t have to do any additional screw-ons for adjustment.
It spares you from having to fuss with a dozen or so nuts and bolts that are easy to lose and take forever to assemble. The gravity-locked net is already set up for you. Getting ready for a game is as simple as wheeling it into the right location and unfolding either side.

Folding tables are sometimes difficult to keep even on all sides, but interlocking joints and foldable tubing keep the Penn Piston EastPoint ping pong table perfectly level when installed.
The brilliance of this design means you won’t be wasting time gauging the height of each half and adjusting levelers to make the ends join smoothly. With just a few clicks, the whole table snaps into place with perfect alignment.

Paddle and Ball Holder

No matter how sturdy a table is, sweat and abrasion can make the coating wear off.
Aside from wiping off the playing surface at the end of the day, one way to preserve the finish is not to slam the paddles down when the match is over or when you’re switching players in a set of games.
Not everyone can be bothered to lay the paddle down gently, and keeping them stored separately increases the chance of misplacing them.

Makers of the Pen Piston Eastpoint ping pong table had the foresight to add a convenient paddle holder on the side. There’s also a built-in rack good for three balls, so you won’t have to make several trips around the room when you’re missing a ball because of someone’s extra powerful smash.
This may not make a difference during a casual game, but when the tension is high and there’s a match point on the line, breaking your concentration for even a few seconds can determine the winner.


  • It has wheels for easy transport.
  • The durable powder-coated frame resists rust and abrasion.
  • It can be folded up and set up easily without having to fuss with various nuts and bolts.
  • The seamless design ensures the entire table is even.
  • Air pistons let you raise and lower the halves of the table without straining your back.
  • A built-in ball storage lets the game go on without hunting around for a missing ball.
  • The Penn Piston supports playback mode.


  • It won’t fit in your wardrobe or your car like the ultra-minimalist models.
  • This premium Eastpoint ping pong table isn’t for folks on a tight budget.
  • It’s not built to withstand harsh outdoor weather.

Alternatives to the Penn Piston:

The Penn Piston isn’t for everyone. Maybe what you’re looking for is a table that can fit in your car, or one designed for the outdoors.
Here are other EastPoint ping pong tables to choose from.

Penn Shadow

Penn Shadow EastPoint Ping Pong Table Review - Ping Pong Table Review

The Penn Shadow EastPoint ping pong table is a toned-down version of the Penn Piston. Like the Penn Piston, it’s a one-piece set where both sides can be folded upward for storage and pushed around on wheels. It’s more streamlined, however, and does not rely on air pistons for support when lifting and lowering both sides.

Penn Horizon

Penn Horizon EastPoint Ping Pong Table Review - Ping Pong Table Review

The Penn Horizon EastPoint ping pong table divides into two halves with wheels on one side and legs on the other side. Each half can be folded up using hinge joints for easy storage. The Penn Horizon can be set up for one-player mode by keeping one half folded vertically to give the ball a 90-degree angle to bounce back. 

Penn Arcadia

The Penn Arcadia EastPoint ping pong table is similar in design to the Penn Horizon, with one main difference. The Arcadia is especially designed for outdoor use. It uses weather-proof materials and comes with leg levelers for uneven ground.

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Final Thoughts

One glance at the Penn Piston EastPoint Ping Pong table speaks of its premium quality and innovative design.
If you have the budget and the space for a wheeled and foldable table tennis table, consider this one. It has the quality that every table tennis player short on space is looking for: easy to install, easy to dismantle, and easy to store away.

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