Palio Master 2 Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets


Since table tennis became one of the most renowned sports globally, many manufacturers have started producing ping pong products to meet the demands of some sports enthusiasts, two of which are Palio and Expert Table Tennis (ETT). The collaboration of these two indeed made world-class table tennis equipment that already received a million good reviews from different players at all levels. Their partnership gave way to the creation of three world favorite products; Palio Expert 2, Palio Master 2, and Palio Legend 2. 

The function of these three varies because each has been designed for different categories. Palio Expert 2 is designed for starters, whilst Palio Legend 2 is for professional or advanced level players. But if you are in the middle, say you are a casual player who wants to have fun, then Palio Master 2 is best suited for you!

This article will deal with how Palio Master 2 is unique and why it is the best ping pong bat for intermediate players. We will be reviewing its specifications, features, and how it can massively affect your gameplay.

Speed Spin Control Weight ITTF Approved? Plies Handle
8/10 9/10 8/10 256 g Yes ETT Master 2 blade Flared


Palio Master 2 Ping Pong Paddle Review - Table Tennis Rackets

  • Performance Rating – Speed: 8/10, Spin: 9/10, Control: 8/10
  • Rubber Thickness – Palio’s CJ8000 2.0 mm thick rubber on both sides.
  • Blade – ETT Master 2 all wood blade
  • Handle and Grip – Flared handle grip 
  • Dimensions – 6 inches by 6 1/8 inches
  • Weight – Approximately 259 grams.
  • ITTF Approved – Met the standards of the International Table Tennis Federation to be used in official tournaments.

Palio Master 2: An Overview

Palio Master 2 Ping Pong Paddle Review - Table Tennis Rackets

Just because you have skills doesn’t mean you’ll have a 100% probability win rate in all your matches. Of course, your skill must always coincide with the paddle in your hand because good gear can essentially affect your gameplay, especially if you want to improve your skills or win some games. Thus, if you are an intermediate player who seeks the best table tennis bat at your level, Palio Master 2 is best recommended for you!

You must be wondering, why Palio Master 2? Well, this paddle basically has everything a casual player needs! It has a good performance rating that is ideal for players who wish to enhance their shot plays. And to further learn how this ping pong racket can be beneficial for you, let’s have a quick discussion on its major features and their contribution to getting that trophy you long to have!

Tacky CJ8000 Rubber

Both sides of Palio Master 2 have a 2.0 mm thick CJ8000 rubber. This rubber is actually one of the best as it is tacky in nature, plus its sponge is also 2.0 mm thick. In the world of ping pong, the tackier the rubber, the more spin and speed it can produce. Therefore, it can give pleasure to recreational players as rallies will be prolonged so they’ll undoubtedly have more fun!

In addition, the approval from International Table Tennis Federation indicates how optimum the quality of this rubber is. The combined tacky top sheet and soft sponge enable players to generate either sidespin, backspin, or topspin.


Palio Master 2 has a redesigned all-wood blade in order to enhance quality and fairness. It is actually an upgrade from its predecessor, Palio Master; thus, players might get confused why they’re pretty similar. 

Since this bat has a high-end quality rubber, it can provide players good speed and spin with reasonable control. It allows its user to have greater accuracy in defending and attacking an opponent; hence it can be a massive help to many intermediate players in improving their shots.

Flared Grip Handle

Unlike other Palio Expert paddles, Palio Master 2 has a broader handle towards the end. It is flared grip so it offers excellent comfort and flexibility to its users during their matches. Its style is as if the player is shaking hands with someone else so it will be comfortable even for users who have sweaty palms. 

Palio’s Free Case

A bonus feature in Palio Master 2 is its free paddle cover. Once you purchase this bat, you will be provided with a case that could safeguard your racket since one of the reasons why a rubber loses its tackiness is exposure to dust. Therefore, having a cover can prevent your bat from wearing out as it can prolong its rubber’s life. 

Also, if you have a gift box, you can easily carry it anywhere you go. It can serve as a storage and a protector simultaneously, hence very useful wherever your passion takes you.


Palio Master 2 is reasonably priced for its features. You can get one for about $45 only! Well, since we’re talking about Palio and ETT’s product, so you can easily vouch for world-class quality equipment. 

You may also be doubting why Palio Expert 2 is cheaper and Palio Legend 2 is a bit expensive. Basically, the price of any ping pong gear varies on which skill level they were primarily designed. Entry-level will of course, have the lowest price and professional level will have the highest. And since Palio Master 2 is in the middle, it has neither a low nor high price that is why it is best suited for a recreational table.



Palio Master 2 Ping Pong Paddle Review - Table Tennis Rackets

Palio and Expert Table Tennis are both dominant and well-known by consumers of the table tennis world due to the high-end equipment they manufacture. They’ve already produced a massive amount of products in different levels that received millions of good reviews from players who had experienced good quality performance worldwide. Each product is designed specifically for one level so players must ensure they’d get the best paddle suited for their skill.
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And because Palio Master 2 is a pre-made bat that generates a bit powerful shot for beginners and is a little slower for professional players, it is best suited for the recreational or intermediate types of gamers. Its overall performance rating is already a great deal for its reasonable price. Although it has a high spin rating, this paddle offers good control on the ball, giving players an edge in defensive plays as well as aggressive shots. Therefore, if you love how this racket was made and you’re an intermediate player who wants to get to a more advanced level easily, grab your Palio Master 2 immediately! 

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