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The Palio Legend 2 is a well-known table tennis paddle with a good performance rating. It features incredible speed and power, making it ideal for both advanced and professional players.
The fact that Palio Legend 2 is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) indicates that it is of high quality.
You can use this paddle in competitions without having troubles or issues since you are safe with this table tennis paddle.

The Palio Legend 2 is a 5-ply prefabricated bat with incredible speed and spin, making it excellent for offensive play.
Because of its high speed and low control rating, this paddle is not suitable for total novices.
It may be hard for complete beginners to use this at first. But when you are determined to learn how this works, you may be the next pro player using this expert-level paddle, Palio Legend 2.

In this article, we are going to review the product about what we love and what we do not love regarding Palio Legend 2.

Palio Legend 2 Review

Speed Spin Control Blade Rubbers Sponge Handle ITTF Approved? Our Rating
10/10 9/10 6/10 5 Ply Palio Hadou 2.00 mm Flared Yes 9/10


  • Performance – Speed: 10.0, Spin: 9.0, Control: 6.0
  • Blade- 5 Ply all wood
  • Rubbers – Palio Hadou on both sides
  • Sponge – 2.0mm thick 
  • Handle – Flared
  • ITTF Approved – Yes, you can use it in official tournaments

The Review

In this article, we will review some of the primary elements to look for when purchasing paddles.
Palio Legend 2 has excellent performance ratings and a great design, which we will go over in more detail in the succeeding parts.


Palio Legend 2 boasts an exceptional speed for advanced and professional gameplay, making it one of the fastest paddles we’ve ever played. This paddle is also fairly tacky, allowing you to generate a decent amount of spin when playing with talented and professional players.
We will not recommend the Palio Legend 2 to beginners because the weight and tackiness make it arduous to use.
This paddle has a control rating of only 6.0, so it will not be as good as other performance-level paddles if you are just getting started in table tennis. Palio Legend 2 is more suitable for players with advanced table tennis skills.


Palio Legend 2 paddles use Palio Hadou rubbers on both sides that are ITTF approved and safe for use in competition.
It has high-quality Chinese rubber, making it an excellent table tennis paddle. The rubbers are composed of a 2.00 mm layer of firm sponge, which prevents the ball from slowing down easily.
Although the control it provides is limited, the construction allows you to generate more speed and spin, which are two essential elements for advanced games.
The rubbers on this paddle are also exceptionally sustainable because they can be replaced as they wear out.


The Palio Legend 2’s handle is quite comfortable to hold.
The handle is crafted with a flared grip, which is the most typical style of paddle grip, particularly in Western regions.
It means you won’t have to worry about the ease of usage of this racket because practically everyone utilizes this style of the flared grip handle.
A flared grip signifies that the width of the handle increases as it approaches the end. It prevents it from slipping out of your grip and makes it quite comfy.


Palio Legend 2 has always been one of the best paddles due to its long-lasting and durable blade, which contributes to the paddle’s exceptional performance.
The blade is made of 5 layers of plywood and weighs roughly 190 grams.
The weight is heavier than that of other paddles. However, depending on your preferences, heavier paddles give a tremendous punch or bounce.

Water can be corrosive to the paddle’s blade. So, this paddle is equipped with a protection strip outside the edge of the blade to protect the exposed parts from water.
This blade is made of high-quality components and is specifically intended for speed generation.
This offensive paddle is slightly heavier than other offensive paddles, however, this drawback also contributes to exceptional speed.

Palio Legend 2 Review - Table Tennis Rackets

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Palio Legend 2

Like every other paddle, there are benefits and drawbacks in which you also need to examine when purchasing a paddle.
Before you decide what paddle to buy, read about its pros and cons.

The Pros

Palio Legend 2 is highly powerful, with insane levels of speed and a rating of 10/10.
It has excellent grade rubbers that are highly tacky since it is made with Palio Hadou rubbers on both sides of the paddle.
As a result, the paddle can produce a lot of spins. It is an excellent paddle for offensive gameplay, as it allows you to attack your opponents with its high speed and spins.

It also comes with a protective cover to keep your paddle in good shape and to keep the Legend from collecting particles such as dust when not in use.
The best part about this paddle is that it is ITTF approved, which means you can use it in official competitions without any problems because it is made of high-quality components.
Finally, the pricing is reasonable and not overpriced. It corresponds to the correct pricing of the quality that this paddle can provide.

The Cons

This paddle is quite amazing, particularly in terms of speed; nevertheless, the control grade is mediocre.
Depending on your skill level, you may find it challenging to use because the power and spin make it tough to place your shots.
When compared to other similar paddles, the paddle is also fairly heavy, which may put a strain on your hands and wrists. As a result, we do not recommend it for beginners who are just starting with table tennis.
Furthermore, the rubbers can degrade the spin performance of the paddle, so keep it clear of dust and dirt regularly to avoid this.

Palio Legend 2 Review - Table Tennis Rackets


Palio Legend 2 is one of the best table tennis paddles on the market, with the highest performance rating, particularly in terms of speed.
It generates tremendous speed and power, making it ideal for attacking players in offensive play.
Since it is built of high-grade Paliuo Halou rubbers on both sides of the paddle, the rubbers contribute to the exceptional performance of this paddle.
The handle is also quite comfortable, with a flared grip style that is the most extensively employed type of grip. Overall, the paddle is exceptional, not only for its excellent performance but also for its extremely fair and not inflated pricing.

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