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Palio is among the most reputable Table Tennis equipment manufacturers worldwide. They created the best paddles you can find in various categories, from entry to professional level. They offer “Master” rackets for intermediate players and “Legend” for those professional or more advanced level players. But in this article, we will focus on the ping pong bat intended for newbies, i.e., Palio Expert 2.


Palio Expert 2 is a control-focused paddle under Palio’s series. As the name suggests, this bat is the second generation of the Palio Expert ideal for players who are still learning the basics of ping pong. Since this has an excellent control rating, it will be easier for newbies to maintain rallies and practice shots in a consistent and repetitive manner.

However, since this racket is more focused on controlling the ball, its speed is extremely low so it is not recommended for intermediate or more advanced level players. There isn’t too much speed on this bat so recreational and professional players might not get their desired shots.

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Palio Expert 2

Speed Spin Control Weight ITTF Approved? Sponge Rubber
6/10 9/10 10/10 174 g Yes 1.8 mm Palio CJ8000


  • Performance Rating – Speed: 60, Spin: 90, Control: 100
  • Rubber – Both sides consist of a Palio CJ8000 rubber.
  • Plies – All real wood blade.
  • Grip – Flared handle grip.
  • Playstyle – Best for defensive plays.
  • Sponge – Has a 1.8 mm thick sponge.
  • Weight – 174 grams
  • Dimensions – 11 by 7.3 x 0.9”
  • ITTF Approved – Met the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation to be used in official tournaments.

Palio Expert 2: An Overview

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Palio Expert 2

If you find table tennis an exciting sport and want to try learning its fundamentals, this paddle is best suited for you! The perfect control rating means it’s easier for you to locate the ball and place it correctly on the table since the paddle slows down the ping pong ball.

Thus, this bat is just perfect as it allows you to work and learn the basics quickly in order to enhance your skills in a more advanced manner. It will help you develop your shots and provide you with enough speed and spin to keep the rally going.

All Wood Blade

The Palio Expert 2 blade is composed of all-wood plies that offer a solid and durable paddle. Although a potent bat, it is actually the lightest among Palio’s series that is excellent for a control-oriented style. And because this is the second generation, its blade has been redesigned from that of its first-gen with a greater focus on consistent control. This blade also allows players to learn from every shot they commit that draws great feedback.
There isn’t actually a disclosure on how many exactly are the plies of Palio Expert 2 but since Palio is a very reputable company, rest assured they’ve built a long-lasting blade that offers a premium feeling to its users.

Palio’s CJ8000 Rubber and Sponge

This premium inverted rubber is an all-around rubber that the International Table Tennis Federation approves. Meaning, the Palio Expert 2 passed the standards of ITTF hence can be used during official tournaments. It chiefly focuses on control and spin rather than speed.
CJ8000 rubber allows the players to grip and spin the ball due to its very tacky top sheet. It also has a 1.8 mm thick sponge that is softer and thinner compared to other Palio rubbers. The thinner the sponge, the more control and less speed there is. But the best thing about this rubber is that it can actually be replaced if there is a need to.

Handle and Grip

Palio Expert 2 has a flared handle that provides complete comfort to its users. And since its long handle was designed for a shakehand style grip, the players will just feel as if they’re shaking hands with someone else. It is also not heavy because it’s been constructed of flared wood that offers the right balance of weight.

Paddle Case

Another bonus that you can get when buying Palio Expert 2 is its free case. One of the reasons why a rubber loses its tackiness is due to dust and lousy weather. Hence, keeping your racket away from things that could cause them harm can prolong its rubber’s life by preventing it from wearing out.

Performance Rating

Palio Expert 2 has the right speed that is not too fast but neither too slow. It produces a decent amount of spin that is good to practice shot plays. Its control rating is also a perfect 10 so it is the best racket for players who are still learning the basics of the ping pong game. Your hits and shots will never be too overwhelming so you can easily adjust and learn as you consistently play.


The price of Palio Expert 2 is actually good for its features. You can get one for only $39 USD! Given the qualities mentioned earlier, this is one of the best paddles available for beginners at this price range. Newbies don’t necessarily have to buy expensive bats right away because most pricey ping pong rackets are for intermediate or advanced level players. Thus, the speed and control rating of Palio Expert 2 is best suited for those who still want to learn the basics of table tennis.


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Palio Expert 2

If you are still new to the table tennis world and looking for a paddle that suits your level, Palio Expert 2 is the best for you! Its performance rating is suitable for starters especially that it focuses more on control rather than speed. Thus, it will not give you an overwhelming match and allow you to quickly learn the fundamentals of ping pong.

However, if you are a much-experienced player, this paddle is not recommended for you. The speed and spin that this bat produces will not meet the expectations of an advanced player. It might be too slow for you especially if you prefer an aggressive type of play. So be careful in choosing your racket as it can massively affect your performance.

Overall, Palio Expert 2 has excellent customer reviews. Players all over the world have tried and experienced the good features this paddle has. Many are endorsing and vouching for this racket since it can surely provide better matches predominantly to newbies who want to enhance their skills. But if you want to explore other table tennis rackets, click here!

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