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Killerspin is an American brand that manufactures table tennis equipment and sells it all over the world. It has been on the top of the list of every table tennis player since this one has a high-quality composition.

Although this is not as affordable as other table tennis paddles, quality matters more than quantity if you are serious about that sport.
You should not compromise the quality of your paddle for the price.
The paddle has a significant impact on your game performance, so aim for high-quality table tennis equipment like the Killerspin Jet 500 as much as possible.

In this article, we will be reviewing this Killerspin Jet 500 and orient you to everything I know and experience with this table tennis brand.

Killerspin JET 500

Speed Spin Control Rubber Blade Handle Warranty ITTF Approved? Our Rating
7.5/10 9.0/10 8.0/10 Nitrx-4Z 5 ply Flared 30 Yes 8.5/10


  • High-quality materials
  • Intermediate-to-advanced players
  • ITTF approved
  • 2.0mm high tension Nitrx-4Z rubber
  • 7mm thick blade
  • Flared handle
  • Performance Ratings, Speed: 7.5/10, Spin  9.0/10, Control 8.0/10
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty

The Review

The Killerspin Jet 500 is constructed of high-quality materials, resulting in exceptional speed, spin, and control.
When a paddle performs well, it is considered one of the best paddles. The paddle’s performance is determined by how it is constructed.

Two 2.0mm ITTF-approved Killerspin Nitrx-4Z rubbers are used on the paddle which means that you could use the racket legally in a sanctioned tournament or league.
You must think about your paddle and choose a high-quality one because it is crucial, especially for those who want to compete in table tennis.

So, let’s take a look at the paddle’s features, such as its speed, spin, control, blade, rubber, and handle.

Killerspin JET 500


The Killerspin Jet 500 has an 8 out of 10 rating of speed, which is adequate for table tennis players.
The reason you should consider speed is that it is a must-have feature when looking for a paddle.

It will allow you to progress from beginner to intermediate level, and then to pro level.
To improve your game’s performance and trick them with that insane speed, you need a paddle with a high level of speed.


Killer Jet 500 has a high spin rating of 9 out of 10, indicating that spins are completely safe with this paddle and that you can generate a good amount of spin during the game.

A paddle that does not limit the players’ grip movements is essential if you aim to produce more and better spins. Spin is crucial when playing table tennis.
You will not be able to compete at the competition level until you have mastered doing spins, so practice doing all of those spins as much as possible with a quality paddle.


The control of the paddle is also very important in table tennis games because it affects your game performance.
It must be combined with speed and spin because without these three elements, you will not be able to perform at your best in the game and become a pro.

All three are required to command your paddle and perform well in the game.
The Killerspin Jet 500 has an approximate control rating of 7.5 or 10, making it suitable for intermediate, professional players, and even beginners if you train yourself how to use paddles.


The paddle’s blade also indicates the paddle’s durability, which is an important factor in in-game performance.
The Killerspin Jet 500 has a meticulously engineered blade made of five layers of premium wood with a thickness of 6.7 mm, the thickest in the Killerspin JET series.
The blade of the Killerspin Jet 500 is thick enough and quick enough to deliver the ball and spins to the opponent’s side.

Although the blades make this one a little heavier, it still has a soft feel and is capable of hard-hitting shots.
Its blade gives you more control over the game and an incredible bounce for the ball.
The Killerspin Jet 500 also has a high-tension Nitrx-4Z rubber, which allows you to generate different spins for serves, topspin shots, and backspin set-up shots.
This high-quality wood blade is also ITTF-approved for the competition level, so there will be no problems with it.


The most important feature of a must-have paddle is high-quality rubber.
Regardless of how high the quality of the blade is, if the rubber is not high-quality, the paddle is rendered useless or unsatisfactory.

The reason for this is that the rubber has a significant impact on the rate of speed, spin, and control of the paddle, so a low-quality paddle is not recommended, particularly for competition levels.

Killerspin Jet 500 is an ITTF-approved paddle with 2.0 mm Nitrx-4X rubber that provides high tension on both sides of the paddles for the best spin, speed, and control.

Killerspin Jet 500 provides a comfortable grip on them, providing you with more and excellent spin and speed.
The Killerspin Jet 500 has a promising grip on them, giving you more and excellent spin and speed, making it a great paddle to counter your spinny opponents.


The Killerspin Jet 500’s handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to maintain better control during the game. You must consider how the handle feels when you hold it is since it can affect how well you perform in a game.

If you are not comfortable holding it, how will you be able to perform at your best in the game and do all those crazy spins and speeds?
Always consider the quality of the handle.
The good thing about Killerspin is that it also has an excellent and comfortable handle, so there is no issue with this one

Killerspin JET 500


The Killerspin Jet 500 is one of the best and the highest quality table tennis paddle manufactured by table spin.
There are numerous benefits to using this one for competition-level games, as well as some minor drawbacks.

The advantages of this paddle are that thanks to its high-quality components, it can provide a high spin and speed rate that is suitable not only for pro players but also for intermediate and beginner players.
The only drawbacks are that it is a little pricey and a little heavier.

However, the Killerspin Jet 500 has an excellent balance of speed, control, and spin, allowing you to perform well and overcome stiff competition.
This paddle is highly recommended because it does not compromise any component. There is also other option for you to try out, the other Killerspin paddle, Kido 7P.

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