Killerspin JET 400 Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets

The Killerspin JET series has gained a lot of popularity over time. It has been a massive success due to its good reviews. From beginners to recreational to intermediate until professional players, this series offered good quality table tennis equipment especially in their paddles, one of which is Killerspin Jet 400.


Killerspin Jet 400 is one of the leading ping pong rackets under the JET-series that caters only to recreational and intermediate players. This paddle is an upgrade to that of JET-200 since it uses a more high-end rubber that drastically enhances the spin of the ball. Its 5-layer plywood blade is the reason why it’s not that heavy. It also has a flared handle grip that offers comfortable gameplay.

Further, it has good physical attributes and is also pocket-friendly since it is reasonably priced. Therefore, it is actually the best choice if you have a hectic budget.
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Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin JET 400

Speed Spin Control Warranty ITTF Approved? Blade Rubber
7/10 9/10 8/10 30 days Yes 5  layers Nitrx-4z


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin JET 400

  • Performance Ratings – Speed: 7.0/10, Spin: 9.0/10, Control: 8.0/10
  • Rubber and Sponge – Red and black combination of a Nitrx-4Z rubber and a 1.8 mm sponge.
  • Blade – 5 layers of 6.4 mm all-wood blade.
  • Grip – 3 7/8 inches of flared handle for optimal grip.
  • Dimensions – The head is 6 inches wide by 6 1/8 inches high.
  • Weight – It only weighs 170 to 180 grams.
  • Playstyle – It can be easily controlled.
  • ITTF Approved – Met the requirements of ITTF to be used for official tournaments.
  • Warranty – It comes with a 30-day warranty after purchase.

Killerspin Jet 400: An Overview

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin JET 400

The Jet-400 paddle is a prominent member of the JET-series ping pong rackets as it offers good performances to its users. It is best recommended for recreational or intermediate players who have already mastered the fundamental strokes of table tennis and would want to take it to the next level. It will help them improve their gameplays as they aim for a more advanced level of play.

However, since the speed of Killerspin Jet 400 is only 7/10, it is not recommended for professional players. Its speed is not that high so advanced-level players might just not obtain their desired outcomes, especially in much aggressive strokeplay.

High-end Nitrx Rubber

The main difference between the JET-200 and JET-400 is its rubber construction. The Jet 200 was mainly built with a basic jet rubber, while the Jet 400 has an inverted Nitrx-4Z rubber which has a massive impact on your gameplay. And since the International Table Tennis Federation has endorsed this professional-grade rubber, Killerspin Jet 400 can be used in all official tournaments.
This rubber is highly rated since it has a good grip and a tacky top sheet, giving the paddle a reasonable speed and spin rating. It is also good at nullifying the shots received from the opponent, allowing you to control the ball.

Killerspin Jet 400 also has a 1.8 mm thick sponge that is ideal for controlling your strokeplay. Although it has the same thickness as Jet 200, the Nitrx-4Z rubber gives an overall balance and a good feel that sets the Jet 400 paddle to the next level, especially on recreational tables.

Blade Construction

The Killerspin Jet 400 is primarily constructed with 5 layers of plywood that set as a flexible yet solid base. This type of blade is more focused on the control rather than the speed of the ball. It actually has the same blade features as Jet 200, so many players would say that both paddles feel quite similar during their plays.

Flared Handle Grip

Killerspin Jet 400’s handle is flared hence very comfortable for players to use. Also, since its style is shakehand, the grip optimizes the forehand matches making comfort and performance a top priority. There is a bonus option as well that offers players a choice for an upgrade, i.e., the Penhold handle option.

Benefits and Downsides

It is best advised to consider both positive and negative features in order to balance the gameplay. Thus, we will discuss further how both can affect your upcoming table tennis matches.


  • It contains a professional-grade rubber that offers a reasonable amount of spin and speed.
  • Nitrx-4Z focuses not only on the speed and spin but also on the control over the incoming ball.
  • The 1.8mm thick sponge supports the high-end rubber for achieving a control-oriented play.
  • It has a flexible and robust base construction which consists of a 5-layer plywood blade.
  • It is a perfect ping pong racket intended for both intermediate and recreational players.
  • An excellent paddle to practice for more advanced plays.
  • With a classic flared handle grip plus a Penhold option.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • Approved by the ITTF so it can be used in professional tournaments.


  • Not suitable for aggressive and powerful shots.
  • It gives inadequate power and speed.
  • A little bit heavy thus, players might take some time to get used to its weight.
  • It can be hard to control for beginners.
  • It has a short handle, so it is not recommended for players with giant hands.
  • In order to keep the rubber’s tackiness, maintenance is needed.


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin JET 400

If you are a casual or intermediate player looking for gear that can help you enhance your gameplay, then Killerspin Jet 400 is the best for you! This paddle offers great deals for a reasonable price. It is ideal for recreational players who are eyeing a pocket-friendly ping pong racket.

Some players might say that Killerspin Jet 400 is pretty similar to that of Killerspin Jet 200; well, it is because this paddle is actually an upgrade! The primary difference between the two is the rubber construction since Jet 400 uses a more professional grade that has been endorsed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). This high-end rubber is responsible for excellent control over received balls, giving its user an advantage in defensive plays.

However, since this table tennis bat is more focused on control, it is not recommended for advanced-level players because it might not meet their desired outcome. Professional players usually engage in aggressive or powerful gameplay so this paddle is not the best option for them.
Therefore, before buying Killerspin Jet 400, you must first determine your style to satisfy your needs. Always remember that good gear can significantly impact your gameplays and may give you the trophies you long to achieve.

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