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As Table Tennis dominates the world, the demand for paddles is relatively increasing. That is why Killerspin has thought of many ways to meet the requirements set by the different players in various categories worldwide to keep the balance in the market. They have manufactured a lot of blade series that range from entry to professional level, one of which is the Killerspin Diamond C paddle.


Being one of the best table tennis gear manufacturers, Killerspin can always be vouched with intensive quality equipment for ping pong players in all categories. They do not only craft world-class products but also support the avid players’ communities through events, training, education, and tournaments.

One of the most popular and highly rated Killerspin series is the Diamond series. The Killerspin RTG Diamond C blade was made famous after being used by the 1988 Olympics silver medalist, Ilija Lupulesku. This racket generates a great combination of speed and power while maintaining precision placement, balance, and good feeling all throughout the game.

In all honestly, this ping pong bat already exceeded the standards set by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) to be used in professional tournaments. Its solid design and features incredibly leave an awe-inspiring match especially since some legendary players have used it.
The Killerspin Diamond C paddle offers an extensive performance rating hence most recommended for advanced level or professional players. It truly deserves to be taken in a more serious manner since it’s pretty fitted for an up-tempo gameplay style.

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin Diamond C

Speed Spin Control Level ITTF Approved? Blade Rubber
9.8/10 9.4/10 8.4/10 Professional Yes 5  + 2 layers Fortissimo


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin Diamond C

  • Performance Ratings – Speed: 9.8, Spin: 9.4, Control: 8.4, Stiffness: 4.3, Hardness: 4.7, Consistency: 10, Overall: 9.5
  • Plies – 5 layers of an all-wood blade plus 2 layers of carbon with a thickness of 5.9 mm.
  • Weight – Its weight ranges from about 92 to 98 g.
  • Rubber – This paddle has two (2) ITTF approved Fortissimo rubbers.
  • Style – This is an all-around racket so it’s most suitable for different play styles of professional players.
  • Skill level – Should only be used by an advanced level of player for professional tournaments.
  • Dimensions – The hand length from top to bottom is 10 inches. Overall width from side to side is 6.25 inches and with 5.9 mm thickness.

Killerspin Diamond C: An Overview

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin Diamond C

The Killerspin Diamond C paddle has energetic attributes that offer a fast pace to the ball, making it suitable for an aggressive shot. And since high-level games require players to act in a fast way thus, this ping pong bat is genuinely designed for pro-level players.

The best thing that makes Diamond C stand out from the rest of the rackets is its high rating speed that is 9.8/10. It is actually higher than the standard rating required for tournaments; hence it surpasses ITTF’s requirements. Besides the speed, Killerspin Diamond C also consists of a Nitrx-4Z rubber that the International Table Tennis Federation has officially endorsed.
Its 7-layer lightweight blade is the primary reason why it has a relatively high-speed rating. The 2 layers of carbon and 5 layers of plywood give the best combination of speed and power that significantly impacts the game.

Its Weight

The Killerspin Diamond C weighs about 92 to 98 grams, which is pretty heavy compared to the ideal weight of ping pong bats usually used during tournaments. However, its performance ratings outweigh this flaw since it allows players to have more powerful and aggressive strokeplay that mostly leads to a championship.

Ilija Lupulesku is actually one of the legendary players who made Diamond C a partner during his Olympics career, making him a silver medalist in 1988. It just means that this impressive paddle is really a great help for advanced-level players who seek more trophies and titles.

Its Blade

It has already been stated that the 5-layer of all wood plus 2 layers of carbon blade are the ones responsible for the 9.8-speed rating of this racket. This excellent blade ensures to reach the optimum level of speed and an adequate spin of balls. Not to mention that the blade also contains Nitrx-4Z rubber that is best for control-oriented plays. Thus, the Diamond C blade deserves half of the credit as it certainly offers frequent positive outcomes.

Its Price

Killerspin designs their gear based on the player’s needs; thus, their charging is relatively similar. The more advanced racket the player requires, the higher would be the price. Killerspin Diamond C can be mostly purchased online at $260 or less. This price is already very reasonable for the performance rating of this ping pong bat. Thus, if you are a professional player who wishes to advance in a more paced environment, then this paddle certainly is best for you!

Special Features

Aside from the main features mentioned above, the Killerspin Diamond C paddle has also additional key points that make it more attractive especially to professional players, which are the following:

  • The best option for players who seek a good combination of power and speed.
  • It has a more prominent sweet spot due to its wood plus carbon layered blade.
  • Pre-assembled ping pong racket suitable for advanced-level matches.
  • Has a flared handle with an ergonomically designed bat grip.


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Killerspin Diamond C

The Killerspin Diamond C is one of the most outstanding rackets in the Diamond series. It is best suited for professional-level tournaments due to its high speed and spin ratings. This paddle’s reviews are mostly positive because of the quality performance it offers to its users. It also allows players to be more competitive in the most comfortable way.

However, the features of Killerspin Diamond C mentioned above may have adverse effects for some players especially for starters. The high speed and spin rating may be overwhelming for them; hence not totally recommended to purchase and use.

Before buying Killerspin Diamond C, please note that players have different styles so you must be aware of what you really need. Do not just buy any racket you find interesting because it will probably result in undesired outcomes.
Thus, it is best advised to always check for better options that suit your game style and play before adding any paddle to your cart. For more alternatives, you can visit here and read other reviews on different ping pong rackets that fit each performance level.

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