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In order to win a ping pong game, players should not only depend on their skills but on the paddle that they are using as well. It is important to consider choosing only the best racket that the market has to offer to increase the chance of gaining victory. Therefore, if you are an intermediate player who wishes to advance to the next level, JOOLA Carbon Pro could be the best option for you!


JOOLA is one of the best table tennis equipment manufacturers that has already been producing world-class products for over 6 decades. They’ve started penetrating the markets of Germany and the whole world then followed. One of their key highlights is they were able to provide official ping pong tables during 3 Olympic games. 

One of JOOLA’s leading paddles is the JOOLA Carbon Pro that easily became popular due to its exciting-looking packaging that totally stands out in this niche. The vibrant graphic colors give the impression that this bat is best suited for intermediate to more advanced level players.

In this article, JOOLA Carbon Pro’s best features, specifications, positives, and downsides will be discussed as well as some other characteristics that need to be considered before purchasing this type of bat. You can also find other ping pong paddles here if you’re looking for alternatives.

Ping Pong Paddle Review - JOOLA Carbon Pro

Speed Spin Control Weight ITTF Approved? Blade Rubber
9.8/10 9.2/10 8.6/10 170 g Yes 5  + 2 layers 4 You


Ping Pong Paddle Review - JOOLA Carbon Pro

  • Blade – 5 layers of wood and 2 layers of carbon.
  • Performance Rating – Speed: 98, Spin: 92, Control: 86
  • Handle – Flared handle with carbo-wood technology
  • Weight – 170 g
  • Rubber – 1.9 mm thick 4 You rubber
  • Head Dimension – 6.10 inches by 6.06 inches
  • Level – Competitive level
  • ITTF Approved – Passed the standards of the International Table Tennis Federation to be used in official tournaments.

JOOLA Carbon Pro: An Overview

Ping Pong Paddle Review - JOOLA Carbon Pro

The JOOLA Carbon Pro ping pong paddle is mainly designed for intermediate players who seek for a new bat to advance their level of gameplay. This racket is good for the transition from casual to the competitive progression of players especially for those who enjoy offensive plays.

JOOLA Carbon Pro has a manufacturer’s rating (0-100) of 98 for speed, 92 for spin, and 86 for control. These attributes make this bat the best choice for recreational to competitive plays. However, this strength is also its chief weakness as it is not suitable for players who are still starting to learn the fundamentals of table tennis.

Smooth 4 You Rubber

JOOLA Carbon Pro met the standards required by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) due to its high-quality 4 You rubber sheets. This rubber has a smooth interface that sits on a 1.9 mm thick sponge that is tacky enough to serve some forehand topspin plays. However, it may not be responsive enough to incoming spin that gives a higher margin of error in returning the ball.

7-plies of Veneer

The blade of JOOLA Carbon Pro is built with 5 layers of wood plus 2 layers of carbon. The Carbowood technology has been proved to be effective as a replacement of carbon fiber that makes this blade a better one. Its offensive wood and flared handle that is made from glued wood veneers and carbon provide players with a better feeling during their matches.

Moreover, since this table tennis racket is enhanced with carbon wood technology, it offers a larger sweet spot for players to have an edge to the game. A large sweet spot means it is built with decreasing vibrations that can result in better accuracy making it the right choice for offensive shot plays.

Flared Handle

JOOLA Carbon Pro has a flared carbo-wood handle that gives players an optimal grip. It helps on increasing the control, power, and accuracy of the paddle. Further, this type of handle generates a decent speed and spin that allow players to easily change and handle forehand and backhand strokes.


JOOLA Carbon Pro has a price that is reasonable and suits its performance. You can get one for about $50. It can be a good present to your friends who are casual players of ping pong since it comes with an amazing gift box that looks elegant and stylish.

The Positives

Since this bat offers great control, you will be able to easily land the incoming ball after only having a small adjustment period. It also allows you to grasp new playstyles faster with higher confidence in your strokes. Thus, making this the best paddle for casual players who want to upgrade their low-performance ping pong racket.

Although this is not the most powerful bat in the market, it is already good enough for most players in the intermediate level. This can certainly satisfy defensive players but if you enjoy the offensive style, you can actually seek better alternatives.
In addition, the carbon wood technology provides JOOLA Carbon Pro with a larger sweet spot that produces a powerful spin. It offers players a more significant and secured shot that your opponents might miss the table a lot more.

The Downsides

JOOLA Carbon Pro’s price is quite high for its average speed and spin rating. It can be hard for players to decide whether to stick to this bat or try a better alternative at the same price range. Some cheaper paddles can even compete for JOOLA Carbon Pro’s specs and quality. Also, JOOLA Carbon Pro’s rubber is not that tacky. It might be an issue for players in creating spins and loops during their plays.

Ping Pong Paddle Review - JOOLA Carbon Pro


Players should always consider everything about the paddle they are planning to purchase since it can massively affect their gameplays. It has been proven that “a game is as good as the paddle you’re holding” that is why you need to make sure that the racket you use suits your style and skills. 

Therefore, if you are a casual player who wishes to enhance your shots to the next level then JOOLA Carbon Pro might be the best option for you! This paddle has a great speed, spin, and control rating that offers intermediate players to generate a decent spin and speed while gaining control over the incoming ball. Hence, this can be the perfect racket to be used in your transition phase since you can learn and adjust your shot plays in a faster way.

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