Giant Ping Pong Paddles And What They Bring Best To The Table

There are different kinds of Ping Pong paddles, it ranges from all kinds of sizes to fit one’s preferences.  Here at Ping Pong King, we’re off to go in-depth about what it really means to have a specific Ping Pong paddle, namely Giant ones. Giant Ping Pong paddles are one of the most uncommon kinds of rackets there are but they do exist and there are quite a number of people that use giant Ping Pong paddles.
Although there aren’t many stores that sell them, you can however order ones online. If that doesn’t work out, there are certain companies that customize Ping Pong paddles.

Giant Ping Pong Paddles

So what are giant Ping Pong paddles? They are mainly rackets that tend to have a more oversized blade. They have all the same features as regular ones only, upsized. It would be significantly heavier but if one would master how to handle it, it might be key to go next level in your next games.

Don’t Just Go Big, Go Giant!

Giant Ping Pong paddles can benefit a lot of players and there are a lot of reasons why you should have one. But before investing in one of these special paddles, we’ll give you the inside scoop of the pros and cons of giant ping pong paddles. 

Giant Ping Pong Paddles And What They Bring Best To The Table


The main benefit of giant ping pong paddles is the space that you’re gonna get for balls to bounce off of. If you find it hard to adjust to a small blade sweet spot, giant ping pong paddles are usually made with larger ones and would still help you strike the ball with power.


Giant Ping Pong paddles can be an advantage if your play is chop-driven.
Chopping is a defensive shot that is used to coax error from the opponent and is driven by different kinds of underspin. Some players use rackets that are great for chopping like giant ping pong paddles to adapt to their strategies and create gameplay that would even confuse strong attack players.

Monster Mode

A lot of players might disagree that a heavily weighing paddle would just hinder their play since they rely on fast reflexes. Some may even say that there’s not much difference between giant ping pong paddles and regular-sized ones.
But there are players who contest how strong giant ping pong paddles are when it comes to both defense and offense.
Blocking is one of the best features of these paddles, but it matches its strength when you want to deliver strong punches. Since giant ping pong paddles are on the heavier side, they offer more balance for higher control ratings.


Once you get used to giant ping pong paddles, there aren’t many cons that you couldn’t remedy with a few adjustments. One of the cons would occur if you tend to play too close to the table. The blade would snag on the edges and disrupt a shot during a game.
If you rely most on your reflexes with all the twists and turns of your racket, then a giant ping pong paddle might not be the best equipment for you. It would be harder to adjust to it especially if you don’t have more time to practice in between tournaments.

Giant Ping Pong Paddles Market

Reputable brands have already produced giant ping pong paddles to expand their market with players. Players who want to be overall skilled with different kinds of paddles would acquire these sooner or later. Sometimes these even become their main racket.
Here are some giant ping pong paddles that are currently available in the market.

JOOLA Oversize Table Tennis Racket

First of all, this giant ping pong paddle is ITTF approved, which means you can go at it during official tournaments. It sports a 20% more sweet spot with its larger blade. The said blade is 5-ply with an incorporated JOOLA Feeling System technology for increased punch and minimal vibration.

Giant Ping Pong Paddles And What They Bring Best To The Table

Giant Dragon SuperBalsa II

Although weighing about 76 grams, the SuperBalsa doesn’t lack in the ratings of speed.  The 5-ply wooden blade contributes to its sturdiness, albeit a little on the stiff side. It does have a decent control rating, around 8/10, and also showcases a larger sweet spot.

Custom Ping Pong Paddles

Having a unique kind of racket does mean limited options. Ping Pong paddles of this stature are slowly breaking the mainstream market but not enough to give you many choices, that’s when you can opt for custom giant ping pong paddles. You’ll have to consider what you need or skills you want to prioritize.


Given what we discussed, the size of the racket is given but what kind would it be?
You might want to choose an all-wood blade or maybe a combination of it with carbon fiber. If you think that your skills are for beginners then the all-wood option would give you a better step for perfecting your technique, all the while matching it with a great feel. Carbon fiber on the other hand is much lighter. And although it’s more flexible and you’ll get to move with it faster, you would lose the feel of your shots, therefore, lowering your control.

Giant Ping Pong Paddles And What They Bring Best To The Table

Final Thoughts

There are more aspects to consider with customizing a giant ping pong paddle but it’ll all depend on your preference. Most of the players who try them out would be swayed the first time they use it because it does require adjustments from the player. However, once you find your groove, you’ll feel the difference and would see what advantages it has over regular paddles.

You can either buy a pre-assembled or have one customized but whichever it is, your best bet would be looking for one online. They do have descriptions and you wouldn’t have to go from store to store since they aren’t available at most. With all the information that we provided with this review, the best thing to think about before buying sports equipment would be how it aligns with your skills and play.

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