Franklin Ping Pong Table (Quikset) Review – Table Tennis Tables

The Franklin Quikset gives you the luxury of big games in tiny spaces.
True to its name, it is an easy to install, portable table tennis table that you can quickly set up, take apart, and store under your bed in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.
Fans love it for how well it fits into your budget and how little space it uses up in your apartment.

As always, we at Pingpong King are here to help you choose equipment suited for your available space, budget, and playing needs.
In this article, we’ll discuss what sets this Franklin ping pong table apart, list its strengths and drawbacks, and walk you through a simple step-by-step installation guide.
If you’ve already played table tennis a few times and want your own table to practice with friends and family but don’t have space for a permanent setup in your home or apartment, check this out.

Brand Franklin Sports
Model Quikset
Type Folding with 4 sections
Size Tournament Size
Length 9 feet
Width 5 feet
Weight 80 pounds
Height 29.5 inches (adjustable)
Built-in Wheels None
Net Included Yes
Best Feature Ease with Storage

The Foldable Franklin Ping Pong Table: Usability and Features

The Quikset is a tournament-size foldable table.
Franklin Sports calls it a “revolutionary” design, and unlike their other offers, this particular Franklin Ping Pong table can be folded into four quarters that waste no storage space and can be safely tucked away even in a cramped room.

It doesn’t promise the perfectly smooth playing field of a flat top or a conversion table.
Nor is it sturdy enough to leave outdoors at the mercy of the weather.
This Franklin ping pong table is best suited for table tennis fans who just want a good round of fun and don’t have the luxury of space.
It’s perfect for practice and friendly matches in the comfort of your home.

Franklin Ping Pong Table (Quikset) Review - Table Tennis Tables

When you don’t need it anymore, you can easily take it apart and store it behind your desk, against the wall, at the back of your wardrobe— almost anywhere with a few inches of wiggle room is good enough for this Franklin ping pong table.
It is divided into two halves, with each half cut lengthwise along the center.
Both quarters are connected with hinge joints that allow you to fold and unfold the table when it’s time to pack it away.

This unique design makes the foldable Franklin ping pong table perfect for those with tiny spaces.
The leg stands to fold inward, and the support bars fit in between when tucked away, allowing you to fold the whole set like two giant chessboards.
If you ever plan to challenge a friend with a surprise ping pong match, you can even fit it in your car.

Folding tables tend to be less durable than solid tops and conversion tables because hinges rust and wear out with time.
But for its price, this folding Franklin ping pong table is pretty good.
It has steel reinforcements on all sides. It comes with inch-long levelers which you attach to the bottom of the leg poles and adjust to raise the table’s height or compensate for uneven flooring.
Its unique leg poles are designed to allow you to attach the necessary parts while it lies face down on the floor, and then roll it over and drag it into place.

Franklin Ping Pong Table (Quikset) Review - Table Tennis Tables

For a full-size ping pong table that can be folded into four sections, the Quikset doesn’t come with too many parts.
You only have a few nuts and bolts, bars, and levelers to slide and twist into place.
This Franklin ping pong table is also quite cheap compared to other options.

We recommend it for hobbyists and beginners who plan to repurpose a room into a mini gaming arena and then take everything apart and stuff the table into their closet afterward.
If you prefer a folding table you can wheel around from one room to another, Franklin Sports has another option— the Franklin Optima.
But if you’re looking for something that isn’t too big or heavy to fit in an SUV and takes up minimal storage space with no T-frames sticking out, the Quikset is the table for you.

Franklin Ping Pong Table (Quikset) Review - Table Tennis Tables

Of course, optimizing portability comes with its fair share of issues.
If the legs of the table aren’t completely level, or if the floor is uneven and you don’t make adjustments for that, the folding Franklin ping pong table has a tendency to dip toward the center.

Crosswise and lengthwise, where the halves and quarters meet, a slightly uneven playing field may also cause the ball to change the angle and spin off-course.
Past customers have remedied this by simply putting stands or metal braces or bars in the middle for additional support.
It’s usually not a big issue, and it’s easy to solve.

The portable Franklin pingpong table is also not as sturdy as a table designed for real competitions.
If you lean your weight on the edge, it can tip over due to the way the legs are designed.
If you’re the type of player with really long legs, or you still haven’t mastered your backhand, or your opponents keep forcing you to lean in for drop shots, you may occasionally snag your foot on the leg poles.
Rest assured that both halves of the table are firmly locked into place, so it won’t mess with your game.


  • It’s tournament-sized.
  • When disassembled and packed away, this folding Franklin ping pong table takes up very little space in your room.
  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It fits in your car.
  • You can set it up on your own without having to ask for help.
  • You can adjust the height of the table to suit your preference.


  • This Franklin ping pong table is not as sturdy as a real competition table.
  • You’ll need to take extra care to ensure the sections of the table and the leg poles are well-aligned.
  • When the ball bounces on the divisions running lengthwise and crosswise across the center, it may lose speed or change direction slightly.

Quikset Quick Installation Guide

It’s easier and more fun to set up a table tennis table with a partner, but even on your own, this Franklin ping pong table is easy to assemble.
Before you start, clear the floor of any items lying around.
A level, uncluttered surface allows you to set up the Quikset and flip it over easily.
There are nuts, bolts, and levelers included in this set that may get lost if you don’t have a blank surface or container to plunk them in while you do the setup.

1. First, unlock the latch from one of the two halves of the Franklin ping pong table and place it face down on the floor.

2. Next, unscrew the stability bar and two leg levelers and set them aside.

3. Unfold the legs, but don’t let the hinges lock completely.

4. Attach the support bars between the far ends of the two-leg poles and screw them in place. Screw on the support bolt in the center of the support bar.

5. Insert the one-inch leg levelers in their designated holes in the leg poles and attach caps on the other end.
For informal games, you can decide how high or low you want this Franklin ping pong table to be.
Regulation height is 29.5 inches, which you can achieve if you screw on each leveler just to the point where its end peeks out the leg pole.

6. Roll one-half of the table over until it’s in the upright position.

7. Repeat these steps with the other half.

8. To install the net, take one net post and attach both prongs in the designated holes toward the center, one in each half of the table. Screw them in place.
Repeat this for the other net post. Hook the net in place.

9. Make any needed adjustments. Turn the knob of the support bolt on either end of the table to ensure proper alignment between the right and left sides of the Franklin ping pong table. If the floor is uneven or the edges of the table are not evenly matched, adjust the levelers.

10. Grab your paddle and have fun!

Watch this video demonstration by Franklin Sports to understand the process better.


With the Quikset, you can convert a half-empty room into a practice arena.
Move some furniture out of the way, set up this Franklin ping pong table over the weekend, invite your friends over to showcase your ping pong skills, disassemble the whole thing, and squeeze it back into a corner.
It’s that simple.

Remember, the only way to be a better player is to practice every spare moment you get.
So sign up for a club, make friends with fellow players, or invite your friends over to help you practice your smashes (hopefully without breaking anything).
Happy ping pong playing!

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