Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets


The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Ping Pong Paddle is a solid beginner’s bat at an affordable price, manufactured by Butterfly, the leading table tennis brand, the Wakaba 3000.
Essentially, it is a preassembled table tennis bat that serves as an excellent introduction to the competitive world of table tennis.
It is meant to assist novices in mastering the fundamental strokes of the game.
Wakaba is an intermediate-level racket that provides excellent control while maintaining a consistent combination of speed and spin that is neither too fast nor too sluggish, making it a perfect choice for beginners.

The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 ping pong paddle is held in the shakehand style, which is the earliest surviving grip since the invention of the modern table tennis racket. Its grip is similar to a tennis hold but with the index finger perpendicular to the handle.
Power is distributed similarly across both forehand and backhand swings with this grip, although the crossover point is somewhat higher.

Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Review - Table Tennis Rackets

Speed Spin Control Rubber Blade Sponge Handle ITTF Approved? Our Rating
9.0/10 8.0/10 7.0/10 Flared 5-Ply Wood 2.8 mm Flared Yes 8.5/10


  • Manufacturer performance ratings: Speed: 90, Spin: 80, Control: 70
  • Handle: Flared
  • Rubber: Wakaba 
  • International Table Tennis Federation Approved
  • Weight: 2.4 Light
  • Sponge: 2.8 mm Thickness
  • Blade: 5-Ply Wood

Butterfly Wakaba 3000: The Review

We will review every feature of the Butterfly Wakaba 3000 ping pong paddle and the quality of performance or experience it gives to users.

Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Review - Table Tennis Rackets


The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 may aid you in moving past the novice level because of its intense speed and spin, derived from Wakaba rubber. It also offers higher power due to the more extensive sponge layer, measuring 2.88 mm in thickness.
Since this racket is constructed with glue meant to keep the rubber firmly bonded to the wood for the duration of the racket’s life, it cannot be customized, as can be done with most other recreational rackets on the market. 

If you want to replace the rubber on your ping pong paddle as it becomes worn, please consider this alternate ping pong paddle choice.
While most custom bats employ table tennis adhesive, which allows for rubber removal and reapplication, the Wakaba uses permanent glue to hold the rubber in place permanently. 

However, this should not be the only factor that influences your decision to purchase.
By the time you are ready for a new set of rubbers, your game will most likely have progressed to the point where you require a total makeover of your bat.
While using a beginning-level paddle such as Butterfly Wakaba 3000 is still recommended, the performance it can provide will be within the limits of a beginner’s ability.

Flared Handle

Butterly Wakaba 3000 Ping Pong Paddle is equipped with a 5-ply blade that uses a flared handle- the most popular handle choice for blades since it helps to reduce the likelihood of the bat dropping out of your hands.
It should be taken into consideration while selecting the appropriate bat for leisure activities or training purposes so that you may learn to master an excellent performance while still at a beginner’s level of proficiency.

When we were looking for a bat, a flared handle was at the top of our list.
Not only because it is popular but also due to the amount of comfortability to the user when using it. It lessens the likelihood of an accidentally slipping out, which might decrease overall performance.
It is inefficient to get a bat with a handle that does not provide you with good comfortability as a beginner since you will need to practice a considerable deal of spin and keep up with the pace.

ITTF Approved

The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 is an excellent starting point for improving your table tennis abilities and determining whether or not table tennis is a sport you wish to pursue more seriously.
You can use this bat in any official competition or tournament since it has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, also known as the ITTF.
In support of this assertion, the International Table Tennis Federation logo, which can be seen on the rubbers, is shown.

Although, Butterfly Wakaba 3000 is not suggested for advanced play, such as competitions, because there are alternative paddles explicitly built for that level of table tennis play.
However, the only drawback of those bats is that they are too expensive to purchase.
Consequently, if you are still interested in competing, the Wakaba 3000 can still be an effective paddle at a very reasonable price.
Let us remind you that this bat is not designed particularly for high-level performance or for competition level.


The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 ping pong paddle is a beginner-level bat designed for players who want a fast-paced yet manageable game of table tennis.
The rubbers are of a thickness that is normal for most offensive players, so you should anticipate being able to counter topspin well and perform smashes that are relatively quick.

The Wakaba 3000, on the other hand, is not overly fast since it is attempting to decrease the speed so that novices can keep up with the pace and learn more effectively.
Beginners will find this paddle to be more convenient to play with because it offers a decent degree of control.
With a bit of practice, many novices will adjust to this style of play without much difficulty.

In comparison to inferior unbranded bats, the superiority of the Butterfly Wakaba 3000 becomes evident immediately.
It will assist you in gaining a competitive advantage over your opponents by allowing you to generate more spin and speed than other bats can.

Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Review - Table Tennis Rackets


The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 is a ping pong paddle explicitly designed for players who are just getting started with table tennis.
It gives players outstanding performance because of its superb control and the appropriate speed and spin.
It also offers a great playing and training experience to them.
Compared to other paddles of identical design and performance, this one is quite affordably priced while maintaining a high level of quality and performance.

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