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The Butterfly Addoy 3000 is a shakehand-style table tennis paddle designed for beginners who want a competitive advantage over their opponents.
One of the oldest existing table tennis grips to be developed was the shakehand grip, which is comparable to a tennis grip with the index finger stretched across the racket head perpendicular to the handle.
This grip has been around since the table tennis racket took on its current configuration.

It is particularly advantageous to use this grip on both the forehand and backhand since it allows for equal power distribution on both shots.

The product, like all of Butterfly’s products, is made up of high-quality components. It makes use of Addoy rubber, which adds to its balanced performance rating. It generates more speed than spin, making it an excellent choice for amateurs to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents. The paddle’s surface and thinner sponge make it less aggressive, resulting in exceptional control suitable for those just starting in table tennis.

Butterfly Addoy 3000
Butterfly Addoy 3000
Speed Spin Control Blade Rubbers Sponge ITTF Approved Our Rating
7.5/10 5/10 10/10 5-Ply Addoy 1.55 mm Yes 7.5/10


  • Speed: 75 out of 100
  • Spin: 50 out of 100
  • Control: 100 out of 100
  • Blade: 5-Ply Wood
  • Rubbers: Addoy rubbers
  • Sponge: 1.5mm
  • ITTF Approved

Butterfly Addoy 3000: The Review

Now, to help you know what Butterfly Addoy 3000 is and what you can do with its features. We will also give a review of its performance so that you can think thoroughly.


The rubbers used on both sides of this table tennis bat are Addoy rubbers, excellent for beginners who want to experiment with different styles or create their distinctive style. As a result of the increased performance provided by these Addoy rubbers, the bat can generate great speed and a significant amount of spin.

There’s just one thing you need to know about its rubbers, and it may or may not be a benefit to certain people depending on their preference. When compared to the majority of table tennis bats, the rubbers used are non-replaceable. Butterfly employed permanent adhesive to attach the rubbers to the blades, perhaps to secure the bonds between the two.


The Butterfly Addoy 3000 is equipped with a 5-ply blade and Addoy rubbers, both of which have been certified by the International Table Tennis Federation, or ITTF, making it acceptable for competition. Even though it is not comparable to other professional-level paddles, you may still attend tournaments or contests with this bat to put your abilities to the test and have some fun.

This table tennis bat has limited functionality because it is intended for beginners; thus, if you truly want to step up your game and dominate competitions, you should invest in items developed for professional players.
Hopefully, by the time you have learned the fundamentals and feel comfortable with a quicker and spinnier set-up, you will decide to improve your bat and participate in competitions.


The 5-ply wood blade of Butterfly Addoy 3000 is held in place by a flared handle, which is the most common handle style for table tennis paddles. The base of the flared handle is broader than the top of the handle.
What it does is that it helps offer a little additional grip and reduces the likelihood of it slipping out of your hands while you’re holding it.


The Butterfly Addoy 3000 bat’s speed is ideal for beginners since the tempo allows them to keep up easily. This bat features a sponge thickness of 1.55 mm, which is less than the standard rubber thickness of 1.99 mm.
This implies that the rubbers employed to cause the paddle to be slow or defensive, so don’t expect too much from it, especially if you’re a skilled player.
This bat is likely to be quite sluggish, although not as slow as the unbranded bats that come with table tennis kits.

Even if the pace of this combat is faster than the spin, it does not imply that the bat has a high speed.
It is due to manufacturers employing a different categorization system that is only issued to beginner/intermediate bats.
As a beginner, it would be ideal for you to master the fundamentals of table tennis.

This paddle is intended for you to keep up with the pace because most advanced bats create insane speed and spin, making it difficult for you to practice.


The manufacturer prioritizes speed over spin with this table tennis paddle, Butterfly Addoy 3000.
For those who are just getting started in table tennis, this is an excellent benefit because spin can be difficult to understand at first, making it challenging to keep up with the game’s fast-paced nature.

The amount of spin created is moderate for beginners, making it more straightforward for them to get rallies going because the ball is less likely to kick off the table when they are learning the game.

When you feel comfortable with the abilities you’ve acquired, it’s time to consider upgrading your bat to take your game to the next level. You may purchase a spinnier bat and a quicker speed to help you develop your abilities even further.


The Butterfly Addoy 3000 table tennis paddle has excellent control, which you should consider as a novice when purchasing a paddle.
This Butterfly Addoy 3000 will be ideal for you because it is less spinny. After you’ve mastered handling and spin your bat, you may upgrade to an advanced-level bat to continue honing your abilities.

If you are ready to advance your game, check out our review of this professional table tennis paddle.

Butterfly Addoy 3000 Review


The Upsides and Downsides of Butterfly Addoy 3000

To make it easier for you to determine if this paddle would be great to use in table tennis games, let’s highlight the pros and cons of the Butterfly Addoy 3000 table tennis paddle.

The Pros The Cons
  • Affordable
  • Great Control
  • Good for beginners
  • ITTF approved
  • Not that fast
  • Rubbers are not replaceable

Butterfly Addoy 3000 Review


The Butterfly Addoy 3000 is a shakehand-style table tennis paddle ideal for novices.
As with all Butterfly products, high-quality components are used, primarily the rubbers, contributing to its balanced performance.
It creates more speed than spin, making it ideal for amateurs looking to gain a competitive advantage. The paddle’s surface and thinner sponge make it less aggressive, giving beginners excellent control.

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