Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Review – Table Tennis Rackets

Ping Pong is a game that has been adored by many people, both young and old, across the world. After being introduced into the world of sports, this game has proved its importance as it has been considered an integral part of any sporting activity anywhere in the world. So, if you are into indoor games, table tennis is best suited for you! All you need is just a bit of patience, perseverance, and good gear like Butterfly 603 paddle to surely enjoy the game.


One crucial thing to consider in playing ping pong is your gears. If you are a professional player, you need to secure high-quality table tennis equipment because your paddles relatively have a massive effect on your gameplay. And when you say ping pong gears, Butterfly always offers astounding collections, from tables to paddles. But in this article, we will focus more on the Butterfly 603 paddle, a brief intro, and all its features, benefits, and disadvantages.

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 603

Speed Spin Control Sponge ITTF Approved? Blade Rubber
82 90 85 2.0 mm Yes 5  layers Butterfly Wakaba

Butterfly 603: An Overview

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 603

In any table tennis game, a paddle is one of the keys to success for all players. Thus, it is vital to ensure your rackets are of good quality, like that of Butterfly 603, before entering your match.

Butterfly is one of the top brands in the world of ping pong because it offers high-end products loved by many customers. They have been established and serve their consumers for decades, creating and marketing some best ping pong equipment across the globe.

Butterfly 603 is one of their affordable yet worthy table tennis racket that has been known for its best features. This paddle is a 5-ply all-wood blade chiefly made for beginners and intermediate ping pong players. Well, this may not be the best in the Butterfly range, but you can still use it in tournaments!

And since we already had a quick introduction about Butterfly and its famous 603-paddle, let us now have a glimpse of this premade racket’s main features.

The 2.1mm and 1.9mm Wakaba rubber covering blade

One of the unique features of the Butterfly 603 paddle is its rubber. Both sides actually have different thicknesses. The red side consists of a 2.1mm Wakaba rubber that is good for powerful shots, while the black side has a 1.9mm rubber. Thus, this feature means you can decide which power to choose for a particular shot.

It has been given a speed and spin rating of 82 and 90, respectively, which is sufficient for those who are planning to upgrade their inferior bat. Also, always note that the tackier the rubber, the more spin you can produce. So, if you want to play on the defensive side, choose the softer rubber. But if you want to be the aggressive and attacker type, choose the firmer one.

Sweet-spot with Arylate Carbon

Another reason why players give special mention to this premade racket is because of its arylate carbon component. Arylate carbon increases the sweet-spot area in the paddle, making it extra potent as it is built into the 5-ply wooden blade.

The Handle and Grip

Butterfly 603 paddle is pretty comfortable due to its flared handle. It resists the unwanted slips of hands during the games, which can significantly improve your gameplay. Although advantageous, its handle size is quite inconvenient for players with huge hands as it is relatively small. Thus, if you have a giant hand, it is recommended that you seek other paddles with a more oversized handle to keep your focus on the game. It is significant as well to consider how you handle the racket and choose the best paddle that supports your grip style.

Free Zipper Racket Case

A bonus feature to those who bought or still panning to buy Butterly 603 paddle is its free racket cover. This heavy-duty and appealing case protects your racket from lousy weather and ensures it is appropriately stored, which will help your racket to last longer.


Although price isn’t a physical attribute, this feature is still considered one of the best. The price of the Butterfly 603 paddle is not actually low, but it isn’t that pricey either. This ping pong bat is on top of the paddles under this price range, making it stand out from the rest. You will undoubtedly receive a fair deal if you are a beginner or intermediate player but is not recommended for professional players.

Advantages and Handicaps

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 603

After meddling with Butterfly 603’s vital features, let’s now deal with its benefits and threats to your upcoming ping pong games. Mainly, customers only consider the specifications as the basis in buying table tennis equipment. But actually knowing both its advantages and disadvantages will definitely help you win your games! Thus, if you want to have an edge in your gameplays, continue reading its pros and cons.

The Pros

  • Reasonable price – Although not cheap, the Butterfly 603 paddle is also inexpensive, making it the best option for beginner or intermediate players.
  • 2.0mm sponge plus great rubbers – This characteristic puts this paddle on the next level because the variations in rubber thickness allow players to change power depending on the shot they desire. Also, its thick sponge gives its user the ability to generate extra speed as the ball bounces off the paddle.
  • Heavy duty and attractive case – Players just love the charming zipper case that comes along with the racket.
  • Includes a warranty – Another advantage of buying a Butterfly 603 is that you are eligible for a 30-day warranty.

The Cons

  • It could be difficult for complete starters – Players who just started playing ping pong might find this racket inconvenient due to its high ratings.
  • A little bit heavier – This paddle may be pretty dense; hence you’ll get worn out quickly, especially if you’re new to using Butterfly 603.
  • Has short handle – It has a small handle that is not suitable for players with larger hands.


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 603

All players, even professionals, require good gear to win their table tennis matches so if you’re looking for more alternatives, click here. Although skill matters the most in any sport, the equipment being used is also significant to survive the championship round. That is why you must be careful about choosing which paddle to use in your games and make sure you’re always comfortable to stay focused all throughout your match. Therefore, if you’re looking for not so pricey yet very effective ping pong racket, Butterfly 603 might just be perfect for you!

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