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The Butterfly series offers the most popular table tennis paddles which are widely used across the globe. It consists of different rackets that could certainly satisfy players depending on their level. It also provides a large pool of options to various customers which are suitable for their respective gameplay. Therefore, good quality table tennis equipment would always mean a higher probability of winning matches; that is why you must choose only the best paddle that suits your style, which can be the Butterfly 401!


Butterfly 401 was created by a reputable Japanese ping pong equipment manufacturer that was established in the 1950s. This paddle’s performance rating focuses more on control hence ideal for starters and intermediate players. It has a shakehand style; thus, it would give complete comfort to its users while in-game.
This pre-made table tennis bat is made from a tacky Yuki rubber and 5 layers of plywood, making it a flexible and solid base. Butterfly 401 has an excellent overall thickness that clearly provides a reasonable powerful shot and a decent amount of spin, plus a great control over the incoming ball.

If you are a player or a ping pong enthusiast, you already have an idea about the key to success in every match other than skills. What you have in your hands would most likely decide whether you’ll win or lose; thus, you should take more consideration on putting stress on what gear you are using.

Now, the most plagued question for most young and new ping pong players is “how to know if the racket best suits your skill?”. Usually, newbies tend to purchase paddles based on how it looks, not on how it is used. Therefore, this article will give you a heads up on what you should consider before buying Butterfly 401 or if this bat is perfect for your style. Also, if you’re seeking a pool of alternatives then check here.


Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 401


  • Blade – 5 layers of ply-wood
  • Performance Rating – Speed: 80, Spin: 80, Control: 85
  • Rubber and Sponge – A combination of red and black Yuki 2.1 mm inverted rubber and a 2.1 mm thick sponge layer.
  • Grip – Flared handle grip with shakehand style
  • Weight – only 165 grams
  • ITTF Approved – Met the standards set by the International Table Tennis Federation.
  • Warranty – Comes with a 30-day warranty after purchase.
Speed Spin Control Weight ITTF Approved? Blade Rubber
8/10 8/10 8.5/10 165 g Yes 5  layers Yuki

Butterfly 401: An Overview

Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 401












Butterfly is one of the most prominent table tennis brands worldwide founded in Japan around the 1950s. Since then, this company has already produced high-quality ping pong equipment used from entry to advanced level players. They have thought of many paddle series that vary from different ratings and are intended for a player’s specific style.

The Butterfly 401 pre-made bat is one of its best rackets that received good reviews due to its outstanding qualities. And since its manufacturer has a prominent dedication and attention to detail, this paddle easily became popular that has been used by a lot of players especially that it can be used in official tournaments.

Thus, let us now take an in-depth overview of Butterfly 401’s key features in order to learn more about how this paddle can significantly affect your match.

The Quality of Rubber

Butterfly 401 has been approved by the International Table Tennis Federation because it met all the needed requirements to be used during official tournaments. One of which is the quality of rubber that has been attached to the blade.

Butterfly 401 uses a 2.1 mm inverted Yuki rubber that has a natural tackiness. The tackier the rubber, the more it can generate spin since tackiness is the basis of how much the paddle can grip the ball during the time of contact. Hence, it has enough grip to produce a reasonable amount of spin that is beneficial in your soft strokes.

The Blade and Sponge

The blade of this ping pong paddle is 5 layers of plywood that offer a good feeling, especially when hitting the ball. Its 2.1 mm thick sponge also acts as an energy storage device that absorbs the power of the ball from the time of contact then springs it off on a medium trajectory right to the side of your opponent, giving them a higher margin of error once the ball lands.
Therefore, its blade and sponge combination provides a good speed and spin rating intended for beginners and intermediate players who wish to enhance their strokeplay.

The Flared Handle

The handle of Butterfly 401 is flared, plus its style is as if you’re shaking hands with someone. It is rounded and gets wider towards the end of the blade to prevent any slip of the hand. Thus, it gives you a comfortable grip, especially during your matches. But since the handle is short, it is not recommended for players with larger hands.

The Paddle Cover

Table tennis rackets usually deteriorate over time especially if not well-taken care of. It often loses its tackiness once exposed to lousy weather or even dust. That is why it is best to keep your paddles inside a case to protect them from any foreign material that causes harm. Fortunately, Butterfly 401 has a bonus feature of having a free case once purchased. It would clearly help your ping pong bat to elongate its rubber’s life.



Ping Pong Paddle Review - Butterfly 401

The Butterfly 401 is reasonably priced for its quality. You can actually get one for only $26-$30 USD, which is already a good deal given the features of this racket. Its good performance rating makes it one of the best in its category especially for entry to intermediate level players. It offers them a good combination of speed and spin and the ability to gain control over the incoming ball, which is beneficial for defensive plays. 

However, despite the positive features, Butterfly 401 also comes with some downsides which should be considered before acquiring. Since it only has an 8/10 speed and spin rating, it is not recommended for a much-experienced player. It might not give them their desired outcomes especially when used to fast-paced gameplay.
Thus, before considering buying or using Butterfly 401, you must be aware of your game style to know if this paddle really suits your skill; otherwise, you’ll face the consequences later on, leaving you with nothing but regrets.

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