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Who We Are?

Ping pong king is the number one, go-to website to learn about your favorite ping pong paddles, tables, rackets, and so on. We are ping pong enthusiasts and we absolutely love and cherish every aspect of the sport.

We understand that there are other ping pong enthusiasts, athletes, competitors, and those that play the game solely for recreation, looking for tips and guides about what paddle to buy, what table to have, what racket to use for certain completion levels, and so on. And it is with this understanding we have brought to you the source -PingPongKing – for all your knowledge on guides, tips, and reviews of diverse ping pong equipment.

If you are ever in doubt about which ping pong equipment to buy or what tips you should know about buying ping pong equipment, then PingPongKing is the right place for you!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure that every ping pong player – whether you do it as a competitive sport or a recreational activity – gets first-hand access to all the information they will need to better improve their buying decision. We are experts ourselves in this field and we also consult external professionals to bring you the best tips and guides to buying ping pong equipment.