7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles – The Best Money Can Buy

In sports, if you aim to be the best, it would help if you also have the best.
That prospect may come with a price and is under the category of most expensive ping pong paddles.
Ping Pong is a sport that requires more than skill but also good quality equipment.
One that can both match your prowess and stay with your speed when you want to strive to be better.

In this review from Ping Pong King, we’re gonna list down the most expensive ping pong paddles.
We’re going to go in-depth on the details of each product from their build to their specific strengths.
Shining light on the reason why they’re a placeholder in the list of the most expensive ping pong paddles and which one is worth acquiring if money isn’t an issue.

Who Can Benefit From The Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles?

The construction of a ping pong paddle is a big aspect of why it would be expensive.
For a paddle to be one of the most expensive ping pong paddles, it’s got to have the right form to help the player without short-term wear and tear.
It is most useful for professional players for competitions and such but, it would also be beneficial for players who want to pursue advanced play. It’s an investment that would pay off since any of the seven paddles in our most expensive ping pong paddle list would not disappoint.

The Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles

The most expensive ping pong paddles are all made of great quality materials molded with better technology. We’ll start from the paddle with the lowest price and work our budget up to the most expensive paddle.
We’ll start off with the Killerspin Kido 7P RTG Premium Paddle.

7. Killerspin Kido 7P RTG Premium Paddle

The Killerspin Kido 7P starts off our countdown of the most expensive ping pong paddles.
Made with all-wood and premium materials, this ping pong paddle fights off opponents with its high spin and speed rating.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

Depending on your preference, the Killerspin Kido 7P can be purchased with a flared or a straight handle.
Its rubber, one of its shining aspects, is made with high-tension Fortissimo rubbers and would be good in maintaining power and control balance.

The seven wood ply of this ping pong paddle would be able to handle up way past recreational up to professional play as it is also past the highest level of tournament standard.
Even as the cheapest on our list of most expensive ping pong paddles, the Killerspin Kido 7P doesn’t lack how premium its quality is and is worth checking out.

6. JOOLA Elite Combo Racket

Despite still being one of the lower-priced in our list of most expensive ping pong paddles, the JOOLA Elite Combo is a top pick for a lot of professional players in the industry. Those players include Olympic medalist Jor Rosskopf and US Team member Han Xiao.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

The JOOLA Elite Combo is ITTF approved, pre-assembled paddle, and would be ready to use out of the package.
Both sides of the paddle are built with a 2 mm sponge specifically the JOOLA X-plode which has an incorporated speed glue effect.
The thickness of the sponge creates less control in exchange for better speed and speed, fitting for those who’ve mastered the art of the craft. Lastly, its handle is an emotional flared handle that is designed for an increase in feedback and control.

5. Killerspin Diamond TC RTG 

The Killerspin Diamond TC RTG coming from Killerspin’s premium line means a bonus outer box that would help protect your racket.
This ping pong paddle is ITTF approved and would be allowed to use in professional tournaments.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

Having a racket included in the most expensive ping pong paddles means having it designed with premium materials.
The Killerspin Diamond TC is no exception.
The paddle is constructed with seven-ply composite wood and titanium carbon fiber, making it lighter than the usual all-wood version.
The highlight of this paddle’s ratings is its increased accuracy and top-notch speed.
With decent control and spin ratings, the Killerspin Diamond TC works as a powerful attack paddle.

4. Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC

The fourth on our list of most expensive ping pong paddles is the Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC.
This racket is deemed as an offensive blade in terms of the Butterfly Boll Series.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

The blade is high-performing ingrained with Butterfly’s carbon-fiber hybrid, the ZL Carbon.
The ZL Carbon reduces issues with speed as it is light and flexible.
It is also highly durable with five-ply wood.
The Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC is recommended for counter allies and even blocking since it produces bounces consistently.
This ping pong paddle would be in favor of smashes and would be a better pick for left-handed players.

3. Butterfly Viscaria FL Pro-Line Tennis Racket With Tenergy 

Another Butterfly paddle for our most expensive ping pong paddle list.
It is understandable as Butterfly is a long-running renowned table tennis brand that produces high-quality ping pong paddles made from premiere materials and modern technology.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

The Butterfly Viscaria is delivered already assembled and ready to use.
The paddle itself has a compact head size and a flared blade, all combined with Arylate fiber for better shock absorption.
Tenergy 05 is the sponge that’s attached to it and is really complementary to the paddle.
It adds to the performance of the overall ping pong paddle.
The Tenergy sponge is ideal for energy transfer that would power spins, forehands, and backhands.
There’s no worry if it would dwindle after long-term use since it is expected to be continuously powerful even without the use of speed glue or boosting.

2. Killerspin Stilo7 – Limited Edition

We’re getting closer to number one in our enumeration of the most expensive ping pong paddles.
This second one doesn’t disappoint though. It’s the Killerspin Stilo7 – Limited Edition.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

If you buy it, you’ll see immediately how different it is from other expensive paddles, knowing instantly why it’s priced higher than most.
The Killerspin Stilo 7 has a six-layer all-fiber blade, making it one of the fastest rackets there is.
Sleek-looking as it is with black as the main color, the Killerspin Stilo 7 tops ratings with a high spin rate and an even higher power rating.

The Nitrx 4z is the high-quality rubber that it’s paired with is thin enough to contribute to the paddle’s lightness but also be advantageous with heavy spins on serves.
The Killerspin Stilo 7 is one of the best in the market and deservingly high-charting in our most expensive ping pong paddles category.

1. Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL Pro-Line With Bryce High Speed

Showcased as the number one Ping Pong King’s list of most expensive ping pong paddles is none other than the Butterfly Zhang Jike Super ZLC FL Pro-Line. This premium ping pong paddle tops most charts because of its superior construction.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

Made by the leading table tennis manufacturer Butterfly, this ping pong paddle offers great value for the price tag that it has.
In exchange for the high price you’re going to pay, you’ll get the combination of the three modern breakthrough technology Butterfly uses for their equipment.

The blade is made with ZLC carbon fiber layers, contributing to the paddle’s strength and power along with its consistency.
It doesn’t stop there though, the butterfly Zhang is designed with their fastest rubber, the Bryce HighSpeed.
This rubber is a combined high tension and micro-layer technology, increasing ball rebound by about 18% compared to regular non-high tension rubbers.

So if you’re up for a really good investment and ready to take on opponents, the Butterfly Zhang is a great choice for insane speed and spin ratings, as well as strength in attacks.
The Butterfly Zhang is also number one in most lists of most expensive ping pong paddles.

Choosing the Right Expensive Ping Pong Paddle 

You’re going to spend money anyway, might as well make the best decision based on your preference.
For a smarter investment, we’ll familiarize you with the purpose of the main parts and help you determine what to look for if you’ll be able to buy one from our list of most expensive ping pong paddles.


The blade takes up the majority of the paddle and is commonly consisted of 5-ply or 7-ply wood.
By ITTF standard it must be composed of 85% wood and other materials like carbon fiber can’t be more than 7.5% of the overall thickness. The blade also is a major part of determining the power rating of a paddle.
We’ve tackled both paddles built with certain kinds of carbon fiber and wood in our list of most expensive ping pong paddles but what would they highlight?

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

Carbon Fiber

A mixture of both would provide consistency, especially with the bounces.
It would provide accurate shots with an additional increase in speed as it would make the paddle light and flexible.
An example from what’s listed a while ago is the Killerspin Diamond TC RTG which has a combination of wood and titanium carbon fiber.

All – Wood

A blade that’s made of 100% wood would increase better spin and control ratings on the other hand.
This is better for defensive players and wants to do well in a slow-paced game.
Some blades are made of 6-ply wood if one worries about the weight of the paddle, but that still depends on the inclusion of its rubber and handle.

Rubber And Sponge

The part that covers the blade and what makes contact with the ball is the rubber.
In a professional game, there are two standard types.
And although you might spot the Internation Table Tennis (ITTF) logo for better assurance, knowing what’ll work best for you as a player will upgrade your play.
There’s the pimpled type rubber and the sandwich rubber.
The tackiness and softness of both are crucial in determining the reaction of the ball it comes to contact with.
A more tacky rubber fuels more spin and a softer rubber would build a defensive game.

The Sandwich Rubber

The sandwich rubber, otherwise known as a sponge, is more smooth without the distributed ‘pips’.
The thickness of this kind of rubber should also be considered depending on your level of expertise.

A thick rubber, more likely above 2 mm, would result in more speed and a thin rubber would equal more control.
The JOOLA Elite Combo that is included in the most expensive ping pong paddles is built with a thick sponge without the compromise of its speed because of the speed glue effect incorporated.


Choosing handles is majorly chosen based on preferences.
It depends on the grip you’re used but some professional players do choose certain handles for specific strategies.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles - The Best Money Can Buy

Flared Handle

A flared handle would work great with players who predominantly use forehand play.
This kind of handle is mostly present in rackets that are cheaper or medium-priced.
Although all of the rackets that we listed are qualified for professional tournaments, paddles with flared handle aids beginners and also players who tend to stick to a certain grip.

Straight Handle

Ping Pong handles that are straight-handled aren’t that common unless they are for intermediate to professional players.
This is because of the lack of control you’ll have since it has more tendencies to slip from your grip.

Unlike flared-handled paddles, a straight handle is more flexible when it comes to various grips.
This is also the reason why players with more experience prefer it.


There are more parts and specific categories for them that can be considered before choosing the right racket for you.
Other than the actual ping pong paddle, one should consider the value of money when investing in equipment.
You might have money to burn and would want to go through our list of most expensive ping pong paddles but at the end of the day, it would be better to know what works best for you.

Having a ping pong paddle that is built like the multiple rackets with enumerated will surely save you money in the long run since they are all created with premium materials meant to go through hard plays.
The technology incorporated with the construction of each of the paddles that are under the category of most expensive ping pong paddles would be felt as they are not as common with low-cost rackets.
Read through our list of the most expensive ping pong paddles to see what’ll possibly be your first ping pong paddle splurge and grow your skills.

Each one provides high ratings and it’s up to you to choose what your strength would be.
Feel free to check out more ping pong equipment reviews here on Ping Pong King.

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