5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy – Table Tennis Tables

Buying a Sportcraft Ping Pong table isn’t an easy decision. Whether you’ve got money to spend or need to thrift a little, you’ve got to get the best value for your budget. As much as there are a lot of choices, it’s helpful to find a trusty brand and narrow it on that.
Ping Pong King produces reviews aimed to help you with future ping pong investments that you wouldn’t regret.

When choosing the right ping pong table for you, there’s more than just fitting in wherever you want to put as the decision-maker. There’s also the consideration of its long-term use and the specifications it has depending on how often you’ll use it.
It can be confusing so we’re listing out five top-pick Sportcraft Ping Pong tables.

5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy

Sportcraft roots started early based on different sports. It later established its name by producing and marketing home recreational sporting goods. With their company starting from the interest in innovating equipment based on various sports, they later added the line of Sportcraft Ping Pong tables.
In this review, we’ll be showcasing what makes a Sportcraft Ping Pong Table the best choice for your next recreational investment.

The Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Table For Indoors

Image-wise, there’s not much difference between indoor and outdoor Ping Pong tables. Though there is a significant difference with preserving their longevity. A big design aspect is that an indoor Sportcraft Ping Pong table would have a different surface texture than their outdoor version.

5. Sportcraft PX400 Table Tennis Table

This Sportcraft Ping Pong table comes in a classic blue finish. A little on the simple side, this Ping Pong table may not be the ultimate eye-catcher but it is built sturdy to last. With a five-by-nine-foot surface dimension, the Sportcraft PX400 is tournament-sized and would be easier for players to gauge their play before competing. It is made from high-quality items that are sturdy enough to eliminate the worry of it being unstable when going hard during plays.

If you’re one to hesitate about purchasing permanent fixtures then this Sportcraft Ping Pong table is a great choice. The lockable rollers it has helps with storing and re-assembling it if help is out of commission. The table itself is foldable and would be convenient if you would like to just have it out during occasions. 

5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy - Table Tennis Tables

Additional Pros:

  • Every purchase comes with the complete essential package to get games started.
  • Designed with curved metal tubes that promote safety and lessen the possibility of cuts or bruises.

Minor Cons:

  • The heavyweight might make it harder to move around because of the contributions to its sturdiness.
  • Intermediate level of assembly.

4. Sportcraft Pipeline Table Tennis Table

If the competition gets a little heated in your household, acquiring this Sportcraft Ping Pong table may be your next surprise attack. The playfield is designed with a half-inch heavy-duty tabletop, making bounces better and pushing players to advance their skills whether alone or playing with others.

Other than the surface texture, one of the best qualities of the Sportcraft Pipeline Table Tennis Table is it’s more compact and convenient. Having zero-gap when the independent halves are folded, the table can be safely stored or can meet your practice play halfway by adjusting just one of the halves.
Like the first Sportcraft Ping Pong table on our list, the Sportcraft Pipeline table the caster wheels can also be locked for a sturdier option.

5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy - Table Tennis Tables

Additional Pros:

  • Designed with a stamped steel frame to increase stability.
  • Has a built-in centre net that wouldn’t require removal when the table is folded.
  • Comes with two paddles with a sponge and pips side. Also included are three high-visibility ping pong balls.

Minor cons:

  • The undercarriage doesn’t have additional metal rods to increase support.
  • Assembly instructions require more patience.

3. Sportcraft Grand Master III

This Sportcraft Ping Pong table is presented with the most style out of all of the tables from this brand. Tournament size and produced to have maximum strength, the Sportcraft Grand Master III deserves its place in the top-tier.
For maximum sturdiness, this Sportcraft Ping Pong table features 2.5-inch extra post-style legs. Then running around the sides  2.5-inch steel aprons that are capped in the corner for safety reasons. There’s no need for you or your opponents to hold back, play like a pro with this table.
There’s also the fact that this Sportcraft Ping Pong table offers an inch thick playfield with additional cushioning without the compromise of bounce accuracy.

5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy - Table Tennis Tables

Additional Pros:

  • It’s one of the easiest to fold up or fold down. It is also suitable for playback.
  • The rolling casters are smooth rolling and are lockable to keep them in place.
  • A complete post and net are included.

Minor Cons:

  • It would work well more for intermediate players or more than recreational use.
  • It’s bulkier than regular Ping Pong tables.

2. Sportcraft AMF Pro Air Piston Table

The line of Sportcraft Ping Pong tables includes outdoor versions that are beneficial if one has more space outside their house. We’re starting with the Sportcraft AMF Pro Air Piston Table. This Ping Pong table is innovative at best with an added four-piston weight management that would reduce heavy lifting. This would also make it more user-friendly to players who have trouble adjusting tables from compact to folded down.
The Sportcraft AMF Pro Air Piston is constructed with a center-mounted net, keeping it from being unstable. The build is an all-steel frame with a thick playfield, an inch to be specific.

5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy - Table Tennis Tables

Additional Pros:

  • The weight management system makes it 50 pounds lighter than regular tables.
  • The same four different pistons make lowering and erecting it more smoothly.
  • Accessories that come with this Sportcraft Ping Pong table, like the paddles, are of high quality.

Minor cons:

  • A compromise for a more weather-resistant surface is less bounce during play.

1. Sportcraft Game Master 2 Piece

If you really want something heavy-duty and lost lasting, this Sportcraft Ping Pong table is the way to go. The playfield is thick and would be more protected from getting damaged. The positive side of the Sportcraft Game Master is that, unlike other outdoor Ping Pong tables, it provides a good bounce.

There is great playability in how the ball bounces on it naturally and would be more giving in terms of accuracy. This table is also available to be adjusted into a playback setting and can be folded completely to be stored despite its weight.
The overall sturdiness of the Sportcraft Game Master would give you value for money since it is strong enough to be long-lasting, hence, not replacing it immediately.

5 Best Sportcraft Ping Pong Tables To Buy - Table Tennis Tables

Additional Pros:

  • The top board would be of tournament standard size-wise.
  • Easily converted to a compact form.
  • Well-suited for intermediate to professional players.

Minor Cons:

  • Assembly might require at least two people.
  • Due to additional considerations for its durability, it tends to be heavier than other tables.

Indoor or Outdoor Sportcraft Ping Pong Table?

There isn’t much of a difference in terms of appearance when you see outdoor and indoor ping pong tables.
In time though, that’s when it’ll start to become noticeable, especially when they aren’t in the atmosphere that they should be.

Indoor Ping Pong Tables

The first thing to consider when buying an indoor Ping Pong table is if you’re thinking of placing it back and forth between inside the house and outside. There would be a significant difference with the long-term wear and tear if that’s the case but if not, then it’s a great choice.
Another thing to consider is that indoor Ping Pong tables tend to be more similar to tournament tables and so it would be a better option if you want to work on your game before playing in competitions.

Outdoor Ping Pong Paddles

That is because the playfield that indoor Ping Pong tables have are different from the texture of outdoor ones. Now on to outdoor Ping Pong tables. Outdoor Sportcraft Ping Pong tables are made with a combination of wood and metal playfields. This is more common with outdoor Ping Pong tables in general since they’ll be more protected from damages with that aspect.

Outdoor Ping Pong tables should be able to go through multiple kinds of weather and still last long for you to get your money’s worth.
The downside is that the bounces of the balls during play tend to be compromised. There are tables though where that wouldn’t be a problem, for example, the listed Sportcraft Game Master.
Outdoor tables are better too if you want more space for games especially if your home tournaments get too exciting and intense.
They can be the better option if you want that extra area to deliver shot after shot.

Ping Pong Table Factors To Check

Knowing additional information and things to look out for would help boost your confidence when you’re browsing the market for a new Ping Pong table.


First and foremost you’ve got to set a budget. Ping Pong tables tend to be pricey even if the cheapest ones, luckily if you opt for Sportcraft Ping Pong tables, you’ll get your money’s worth.
Setting a cost limit would help limit your searches and in turn, not overwhelm you with mountains of choices.

Playfield Surface

If you’re on your way to practicing your shots and getting accurate bounces, the table’s playfield is an important factor. Most outdoor tables tend to deliver less bounce than indoor tables and that should weigh in with your deciding factor.
The size of the playfield is also a good way to start wherein the standard tournament table size stretches to a nine-by-five feet area. The surface must also be suitable for the type of environment it’s exposed to or else it’ll be more prone to damage.


Whichever kind of Sportcraft Ping Pong table you choose, there would always be the issue about storage. Not every kind of Ping Pong table folds but fortunately, all of the ones we listed out have that feature.
You might be an occasional player that would only want a table during times where family or friends are present. You might also want to put in more hours of practice even when you’re alone so having a table that’s adjustable to its playback form is more convenient.
If you’re not one for permanent fixtures and you’re up for moving around every now and then, foldable Ping Pong tables are the right choice for you.


Sportcraft Ping Pong tables might be portable but they’re rarely small. And that’s okay because their dimensions contribute to their sturdiness and match the standard for different gameplays, especially intense ones. As discussed, surface areas tend to lean on the nine-by-five feet measurement.
There are no known standard measurements for weight and structure but they are still factors to consider depending on where you want to situate it.


Having a great net could literally be the line between a good table and a mediocre table. It can make or break the game if it gets too intense since it adds to the legality of play ruling. There are Sportcraft Ping Pong tables that have their nets already attached while some can be taken down if not in use.
Most would agree that a built-in net is better. It would be more convenient for players and reduce the possibility of having it moved, therefore compromising the measurements between both sides.


After our list and discussion about Ping Pong table factors, you’re more equipped in choosing the right Sportcraft Ping Pong table for you. You might purchase one for recreational needs, getting it out only during occasions or it might be a milestone towards advancing your skills so you can compete in further tournaments.

Whatever the reason may be, it would always be smart to take the time with choosing a Sportcraft Ping Pong table based on the best value for money you can get. It might be confusing at first and downright frustrating at the very least but when you find the right one, it will surely be worth it.

A word of advice is to make sure you have the capability to assemble the table and have a few basic tools to do it. If that’s not possible, ask for a helping hand. Better to not hurt yourself even before you get the chance to test it out.
Here at Ping Pong King we try to do the work of going through the market to make choices easier for you. For more reviews, click here.

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